Plaza expansion planned

Construction project gets favorable review

An expansion project at the Kranich’s Jewelers Plaza on Plank Road received a positive review by Blair County Planning Com­mission members.

Kranbros LLC plans to construct a 2,212-square-foot building in the existing plaza. As part of the project, additional sidewalks and paved parking facilities will be constructed, along with the addition of various landscaping and lighting fixtures.

The former Wick Copy Center building has been demolished to make way for the addition.

Access to the building addition will be through a 24-foot-wide connection to the existing plaza parking lot and through a 17-foot-wide connection to Lowell Avenue.

“The proposed driveway connection to Lowell Avenue will not meet Altoona’s requirements of no driveways within 100 feet of an intersection when parking spaces total greater than 25 spaces, based upon site constraints and an existing non-conformity in the area, we do not oppose the driveway connection as proposed,” said Jamie L. Klink, community planner.

An additional 20 parking spaces are proposed as part of the plan, bringing the total parking spaces at the site to 56 spaces, which will fall within the required 36-108 spaces under Altoona’s code.

However, the four, 18-foot-long spaces adjacent to Plank Road will not meet Altoona’s requirements of 19-foot-long spaces.

“While there is room to extend these spaces to 19-feet long, since 18-foot-long spaces are common in most other municipalities, we do not oppose these parking spaces as proposed,” Klink said.


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