Conemaugh Nason switches to standardized codes

Conemaugh Nason Medical Center is participating in a nationwide effort to standardize health care emergency codes.

All hospitals in the Conemaugh Health System will switch to standardized plain language codes effective Monday.

The common and frequent use of emergency codes by hospitals to communicate during life-threatening emergencies routinely segregates hospital staff from patients, visitors and first-responders during emergencies by providing each group with a different level of information regarding the threat.

The use of standardized codes will increase transparency and promote the safety of patients, hospital employees and visitors.

To minimize the risk of confusion and possible adverse patient outcomes, Conemaugh Nason Medical Center and Conemaugh Health System will follow state and national recommendations and adopt the use of plain language for all emergency notification codes.

Courtesy Collision achieves Gold Class repair status

Courtesy Collision, 401 Pleasant Valley Blvd., has achieved Gold Class status, the industry standard for training that contributes to complete and safe repairs.

Only 10 percent of collision repair businesses currently meet the training requirements necessary to earn the Gold Class designation.

Gold Class shops are required to have every technician involved in collision repair take training that is specific to their roles. They must continue with ongoing training each year for the business to maintain its Gold Class recognition, including classes in new technology.