Startup Alleghenies to give support to 3 more counties

Startup Alleghenies has announced that it will extend its comprehensive support for entrepreneurs in the Alleghenies to three additional counties. These counties include Bedford, Fulton and Huntingdon.

“We’re able to expand our Right Here, Right Now movement because of generous funding from the Appala­chian Regional Commis­sion,” Debbi Prosser, director of business-development at Southern Alleghenies Planning and Development Commission, said in a statement.

“In expanding our POWER grant, ARC acknowledged the success of the Startup Alleghenies movement due in large part to our network of committed partners in Blair, Cambria and Somerset counties,” she added.

Startup Alleghenies has added two new entrepreneur coaches, Debra Clark and Andrew Trexler.

“We believe our Startup Alleghenies Entrepreneur coaches are the critical entry-point and ongoing mentors for our entrepreneurs, connecting them to all that the SUA network has to offer,” Prosser said. “That’s why we recruited two new coaches to serve these counties.”

Trexler will focus on Bed­ford County while employed by Bedford County Develop­ment Association, and Clark will cover Huntingdon and Fulton counties while em­ployed by Huntingdon Coun­ty Business and Industry.

Startup Alleghenies, an initiative of the Southern Alleghenies Planning and Development Commission, is a free program that connects existing and potential entrepreneurs with the nonprofit’s experienced coaches in order to help them navigate a vast network of partners at economic development groups, private organizations, colleges and universities.


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