Blair County

James G. Lederer to PSN LLC, 508 Second Ave., Altoona, $37,000.

Carla J. Loreski to Matthew A. and Ashley R. Jones, property in Logan Twp., $10,000.

R&R American Realty LLC to Gail Naglowsky, 105 Lexington Ave., Altoona, $35,000.

Jonathan K. and Janelle Patton to Brennan J. Luciano and Courtney T. Chamberlain, 4003 Walnut Ave., Altoona, $130,000.

Kathy Eisenman, Kathleen M. Yingling, Kathleen M. Ritchey and Thomas Eisenman to Heath Walk, 500-506 E. Crawford Ave., Altoona, $20,500.

Elizabeth A. and Edward F. Doyle to Hazel E. Hetrick, 311 Newry St., Hollidaysburg, $160,000.

Deloris A. Sell to Richard L. Haines, property in Blair Twp., $172,000.

Matthew C. and Diane M. Vidic to Kranbros LLC, 503 E. Plank Road, $306,000.

Rice Investment Properties LLC to Shawn W. and Jill R. Nedimyer, 1900 10th Ave., Altoona, $99,000.

Hazel Hetrick to Donna R. Rudasill, property in Hollidaysburg, $199,000.

Mary D. and Lori R. Loucks to Cindy L. Brumbaugh, property in Freedom Twp., $194,900.

John Frank and Cecelia J. Horon, Jacqueline Michele and Martin J. Marasco Jr., and John Joseph and Cory Michael Horon to Jeremy Robert and Krista Lynn Knapp, property in Logan Twp., $294,500.

Scott and Jamie Robertson to Jason L. and Wendy B. Miller, property in Logan Twp., $145,000.

Harley R. and Sara J. Ebersole to Christopher S. and Gretchen M. White, property in Blair Twp., $260,000.

Bedford County

Madden Robert E Jr. Revocable Trust and Robert E Madden Jr. Revocable Trust and Madden Ann L. Revocable Trust and Ann L Madden Revocable Trust to Dennis A. and Keith B. Brumbaugh, property in East St. Clair Twp., $200,000.

Harold W. Shippy to Andrew J. II and Amber J. Johnson, property in Colerain Twp., $140,100.

Nancy M. Ott to Justin M. Burkholder, property in South Woodbury Twp., $205,000.

Daniel B. and Janella A. Landis to Gregory J. and Heidi M. and Matthew T. Kummer, property in Juniata Twp., $279,000.

Heritage Estates Partnership to Gregory B. and Becky L. Fidler, property in Juniata Twp., $24,500.

Rosalie Kamauf to Kelly S. and Jeffrey L. Spicer, property in Hyndman Borough, $25,000.

Freda Mae Davis to Vincent and Tina Weaver, property in Monroe Twp., $26,500.

Deckerhoff Richard C. and Deckeroff Richard Carl to Adam W. and Jennifer L. D. Ansel, property in Cumberland Valley, $286,000.

FooreCleoma Ruth and FooreCleoma R. to Deborah A. Allen and David J. Brown, property in Broad Top Twp., $145,000.

Brian P. and Michele McVan to Paul and Debra Weaver, property in Cumberland Valley, $118,000.

Fay E. and Fay and Gloria and Jerry W. and Connie Sue Leydig to William Paul Cummins, property in Londonderry Twp., $32,000.

Blane D. and Marsha L. Griffith to Scott T. and Leslie A. Myers, property in Cumberland Valley, $35,000.

Fred D. Beegle, to Joseph A. Heit, property in Bedford Twp., $15,000.

4178 Quaker Valley Road LLC to Akeel 4178 LLC, property in Pleasantville Borough, $30,000.

Susan I Saylor, to Jordan M. Pabon, property in Woodbury Twp., $106,000.

Jones Mary L. and Jones Mary Lou and Jones MaryLou C. to David M. Jones, property in Bedford Borough, $160,000.

Dorothy M. and Lawrence O. Dodson to Leon R. and Cheryl Newswanger, property in Woodbury Twp., $100,000.

Mark and Terri Anne Maradei, to Kevin L. and Angela D. Feather, property in Kimmel Twp., $38,000.

Gary L. and Mary Jo Grove, to Thomas C. and Ruth A. Frick, property in Broad Top Twp., $69,900.

Randy S. Jr. and Kayla B. Allison to Joshua G. Stair, property in Hyndman Borough, $139,000.

Huntingdon County

Gary E. and Nina F. Murray to William G. Colyer, property in Dublin Twp., $135,000.

Karen S. Colyer to Matthew G. and Emily M. Cisney, property in Dublin Twp., $182,000.

Bank of New York Mellon, Bank of New York, ABFS Mortgage Loan Trust 2002-1, Mortgage Backed pass through Certificates Series 2001-1, JPMorgan Chase Bank NA and PHH Mortgage Corporation to Vladimir Jeune and Jean P. Rendel, property in Dublin Twp., $58,000.

Perry J. Doyle to Barry D. Bunker, property in Henderson Twp., $20,000.

Richard E., Schryl and Schryl L. Weber to Wrangler Services LLC, property in Huntingdon Borough, $70,000.

Debra Jo and Debra J. Eckley Estate and Debra Jo Eckley Hemcher Estate to East Branch Construction LLC, property in Huntingdon Borough, $18,500.

Carolyn A. Sylvester to Jeffrey A. and Juanita M. Kreiser, property in Lincoln Twp., $230,000.

Freeman Family Trust to Jeffery P. Waite, property in Orbisonia Borough, $115,000.

Gregory T. and Jeanette B. Ray to John J. Jr. and Raelene Perfetto, property in Penn Twp., $26,500.

Ina M. Wiser to Robert D. Gibbons, property in Shirley Twp., $11,000.

Earl M Dunkle Estate to John S. Taliff, property in Shirley Twp., $36,000.

Casey C. and Mercedes M. McGraw to Jaime L. Martin, property in Smithfield Twp., $100,000.


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