Blair County

Linda S. Shoup to Christopher Gruner, 2121-2123 15th Ave., Altoona, $87,500.

Nathan R. and Brittany M. Dick to Will & Tyler LLC, 117 E. Allegheny St., Martinsburg, $24,000.

Steven S. and Phyllis J. Hoover to Will & Tyler LLC, 121 E. Allegheny St., Martinsburg, $24,000.

EMC Mortgage Loan Trust to Thrive Acquisitions Inc., 1210 Creekside Drive, Altoona, $27,000.

TAMMAC Holdings Corp. to Nathan R. and Brittany M. Dick, 833 Myers Road, East Freedom, $80,000.

Elena Uvarova to SRE Holdings LLC, 807 Crawford Ave., Altoona, $40,000.

Travis R. Bartlebaugh to Stephanie N. and Devon M. Hammond, property in Tipton, $85,000.

Rebecca R. Holsinger to Timothy J. Swope, property in Taylor Township, $40,000.

Michael L. and Elva L. Fay to James A. III and Heather J. Flaig, 907 Maple St., Williamsburg, $30,500.

EL 508 E. Plank Road Owner LLC and JL 508 E. Plank Road Owens LLC to 508 E. Plank Road Property Development LLC, 508 E. Plank Road/501-515 Logan Blvd., Altoona, $7,175,000.

Shirley A. Gowin to Sabrina Newton, property in Altoona, $83,500.

Robert D. Balasco to Dylan Robert and Courtney Dawn Mountain, property in Altoona, $124,900.

Cecelia M. Wilson to Ian D. Stiles and Brittanie R. Barr, property in Blair Township, $147,500.

Jeffrey S. and Karrie Jo Frederick to Eric G. Rhodes, property in Williamsburg, $84,900.

Jason Thomas Pupo to Lester A. Stotler III and Megan L. Turiano, 2106 Adams Ave., Tyrone, $112,000.

Robert A. Moore to Julie L. Stiffler, property in Blair Township, $95,000.

Andrew George Clingerman to Curtis Lee Mickel and Sierra Nichole Yingling, property in Blair Township, $128,000.

Thomas J. and Cathy L. Shaffer to Travis and Heather Bartlebaugh, Pamela Street, Tyrone, $165,000.

Tanner M. and Marissa V. Clenney to Jeanne C. and Kline R. Wolf, 631 Hawthorne Drive, Hollidaysburg, $205,000.

Rhonda L. Book-Knepper and Leroy A. Knepper to 905 Properties LLC, property in Bellwood, $55,000.

Helen B. Hoover to Monica L. Greenwald, 425-427 20th Ave., Altoona, $85,900.

Adam J. and Heather M. Long to Katherine L. Krinks, property in Antis Township, $184,000.

Secretary of Veterans Affairs to Terry L. Sr. and Danielle T. McCully, 2017 Crawford Ave., Altoona, $87,600.

Norman Kolodziejczak to Champion Mortgage Co., 11 Brirarwood Lane, Williamsburg, $67,000.

Donna S. Cohen to CWABS Inc., 6017 Waiverly Drive, Hollidaysburg, $189,000.

F. Eillen Alianiello to Adam J. and Ashley L. Showalter, 816 Second Ave., Altoona, $77,900.

Helen L. Mueller to Westley D. Dick and Nicole L. Mosholder, 904 Broadway, Altoona, $90,000.

Bedford County

Natalie M. and Jerry D. Jr. Frankenberry to Robert E. and Teresa L. Brothers, property in Snake Spring Township, $289,900.

Leslie A. and Mary P. Baker to I&S Commercial Holdings LLC, I&S Commercial Holdings LLC., property in Bedford Township, $60,000.

Brandon J. and Sarah M. Wilt to Joel T. and Donna R. Zimmerman, property in Snake Spring Township, $225,000.

Wanda M. Wolford to Robin Lynn Clapper, property in South Woodbury Township, $14,000.

Morgret Living Trust to Barry L. and Brian L. Woy, property in East Providence Township, $500,000.

Ervin and Loretta Reiff to David A. and Jean E. Lewis, property in Cumberland Valley, $160,000.

Dennis and Connie McGill to Daniel Ford, property in Snake Spring Township, $170,500.

Jerry W. and Diana M. Valentine to Christopher M. Mills, and Melissa A. Lack, property in West Providence Township, $73,500.

Martina L. and Eva Martina Elliott to Justin W. Michael, property in Cumberland Valley, $159,500.

Elsie M. Hoover to Sarah M. and Ty A. Douglas, property in Bloomfield Township, $80,000.

Carl W. and Sandra L. Hoffman to Michael L. and Theresa A. Celishia, property in Bedford Township, $135,000.

James K. and Earlene M. McKenzie to Grant T. and Treva D. Crawford, property in Cumberland Valley, $105,000.

Jo Ann Condry to Charles A. and Lynne R. Miller, property in SouthHampton Township, $15,000.

C. David Jr., C David, Clyde D., Clyde David, Clyde David Jr, and David C. Jr Stahl to Cory R. and Maggie I. Oldham, property in Bedford Township, $135,000.

Chessie Federal Credit Union to Daniel L. and Cara R. Upole, property in Hyndman Borough, $18,000.

Wayne N. and Susan A. Fisher to Shane S. and Morgan L. McConnell, property in Saxton Borough, $85,000.

Wayne N. and Susan A. Fisher to Eugene and Phillip Fisher, property in Liberty Township, $35,000.

James R. and Danielle N. Garner to Kyler J. and Yardley S. Gates, property in Bedford Township, $55,000.

Linda J. and Glen Robert Gilbert to Joseph Jr. and Hope Beegle, property in Everett Borough, $32,000.

Krista D. Swindell to James Blubaugh, property in Bedford Borough, $175,000.

Kevin T. Reed to Henry L. and Alicia L. Mazzaferro, property in Cumberland Valley, $124,000.

Steven J. Jr., and Rebecca J. and Karen M. Lankford to William J. Kline, property in Broad Top Township, $97,500.

Carol L. Stump to Kyle L. Miller, property in Bedford Township, $179,900.

Cambria County

Richard G. Schilling Jr. to Lewis Fox, property in White Township, $10,000.

Frank E. Legdon to Jenel Moravecz, property in Cambria Township, $67,000.

Gerianne Eckenrode to Taylor-King Brothers, property in Ebensburg Borough, $141,675.

Nancy J. Blue to Michael A. Pasquerilla, property in Adams Township, $139,000.

John H. Seth to RAZZAAQ LLC, property in Johnstown’s 8th Ward, $28,600.

Mark R. Ronan to Charles K. Mack, property in Cambria Township, $20,000.

Aaron Stonecypher to Hecktor M. Velasquez, property in Johnstown’s 8th Ward, $32,500.

Carole F. Smith Revocable Trust to David C. Osborne, property in Johnstown’s 7th Ward, $25,000.

Timothy A. Gabrielson to Brittany M. Couturia, property in Patton Borough, $62,900.

Sharon L. Burk to Justin M. Eckenrode, property in Allegheny Township, $55,000.

Clearfield County

Charles M. and Susan Anne Ramarge to Vraj P. Shah, property in Sandy Township, $228,000.

Arthur T. and Kelly M. Benson to Michael J. Jr. and Lisa N. Eperesi, property in Sandy Township, $370,000.

Eugen and Gabriele Reigthridgehard to Robert D. and Marivic R. Reighard, property in Bell Township, $120,000.

Matt A. and Tiffani A. Duncan to William N Jr. and Christa B. Swoope, property in Clearfield Borough, $79,000.

Devin L. and Erinn R. Rhoad to Earl A. and Jacqueline D. Dodson, property in Woodward Township, $35,000.

Kari L. Reese to Shane E. Evans, property in Brisbin Borough, $145,000.

Rosalind Jane Petuck to Jeffrey G. Jr. and Alicia Bubb, property in Ramey Borough, $52,000.

Steven R. and Dianne E. Byers to Richard and Caroleen Mahaffey, property in Bell Township, $160,000.

Anthony S. Puccio to Steven R. and Dianne E. Byers, property in Clearfield Borough, $100,000.

Derik L. and Ashley R. Day to Christ The King Manor Inc, property in Sandy Township, $330,780.

Rusty Gate Apartments LLC to Bryan S. and Anna Guthridge, property in Sandy Township, $37,000.

Rose Mary Swatsworth to Ande D. Braid, property in Bloom Township, $200,000.

Susanne G. Morelli to Samuel W. and Mary D. Baker, property in Sandy Township, $280,000.

Leslie J. Terza to Zachary J. Sahm, property in Beccaria Township, $89,900.

Huntingdon County

Philip C. and Audrey R. Slagel Trust to Michael K. and Kelly S. Ort, property in Carbon Township, $95,700.

Alicia F. Dell, Alicia D. and David G. Alban and Perry J. Doyle to Perry J. Doyle and Theresa A. Bilger-Habeger, property in Dublin Township, $102,960.

Francis S. Kling to Dakota J. and Anna E. Hamilton, property in Dublin Township, $48,000.

Chester G. and Suzanne M. Price to Scott Hoes Plumbing Heating and Solar, property in Henderson Township, $10,000.

M. Maxine Grissinger to Gary L. Bair, property in Henderson Township, $45,000.

Philip and Brenda Mitzel to John C. and Emily E. Anderson, property in Hopewell Township, $50,000.

Huntingdon Area Habitat for Humanity Inc. to Miranda Kay Weaver, property in Huntingdon Borough, $85,000.

Todd A. Campbell to Boyd Brode, property in Juniata Township, $235,000.

John E. States Estate, Sylvia Grace Hurley Estate and Catherine Hurley to Linda Marie Busko, property in Oneida Township, $78,936.

Beulah C. Jenkins to Steven R. Sipe, property in Springfield Township, $160,000.


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