Blair County

Ray Glenn Ball to Joshua D. and Dawn J. Piotti, property in Logan Township, $98,000.

Steve M. Cushion to Benjamin J. Carlson, 618 W. 14th St., Tyrone, $107,000.

Five Springs Hunting Club to Melvin L. Jr. and Mari Jo Reese, property in Tyrone Township, $200,000.

Trevor D. and Tara M. Rabenstein to Matthew J. Berkheimer, property in Blair Township, $88,000.

Lucy A. and Lester Weiss to Nicole L. and Joseph L. Beck, property in Frankstown Township, $100,000.

Location Company LLC to Irving Seltzer, 1411 11th Ave., Altoona, $139,000.

Holliday Hills to Diane L. Moore, property in Hollidaysburg, $50,000.

John G. Kasun to Michael P. and Karen L. Kasun, 2117 20th St., Altoona, $92,000.

Joao Santos and Kimberly Focht-Santos to Jason M. and Heather J. Roland, 808-810 N. Sixth Ave., Altoona, $87,000.

Dennis A. Shunk Jr. and Michelle L. Ross to Brian R. Cope, property in Roaring Spring, $130,000.

Bur-Cam Group LLC to Jody E., Karen S. and Carolyn S. Claar, property in Greenfield Township, $420,000.

Patrick W. Hrzic to Terrance E. and Sherry L. Hrzic, 1403 Third Ave., Altoona, $63,000.

Regina J. Boland to Dwayne E. Smith and Elizabeth Ann Stover, property in Frankstown, $25,000.

Georgia C. and Ronald W. Kuhn to Guo Dong Wei, 314-316 E. Wopsononock Ave., Altoona, $72,000.

Christopher and Jennifer Weidley to Virgil and Jacqueline Wilson, 551 Valley View Drive, Duncansville, $270,000.

Robert F. and Michele A. Deshong to Jacqueline and Cameron Kyle, 2316 11th St., Altoona, $101,600.

Arthur J. and John Himes to William Eugene Jr. and Mary Suzanne Ickes, property in Allegheny Township, $22,000.

Samuel Mitchell and Cindy L. Dunkle to Lucas J. Laret, property in Allegheny Township, $172,000.

Jeffrey L. and Sherry L. Hancock to Ashley Dunne, 326 21st Ave., Altoona, $77,000.

Lakemont First Church of God to Randy A. and Debbie A. Socie, 302 S. Logan Blvd., Altoona, $10,000.

Ralph P. Ferry to Anita M. and Shawn M. Claar, 9184 Charger Hwy., Duncansville, $80,000.

Vincent P. and Melinda N. Solimando and Joseph F.. and Rebekah W. Russo to Vincent P. Solimando, property in Allegheny Township, $147,500.

Sandra Lee Jablonski to Donald L. and Vickie L. Price, property in Frankstown Township, $55,000.

Jonathan T. Yerty, Janelle R. Adams and Janelle R. Yerty to Melody and Loretta Gehman, Walton Avenue, Altoona, $196,900.

Mark H. and Jill Ann Bloom and Julie and David E. Citron to Jonathan T. and Janelle R. Yerty, property in Logan Township, $425,000.

David M. and Amy J. Smith to J. Samuel and Carolyn L. Dean, property in North Woodbury Township, $18,000.

Bedford County

Harold L. Ritchey-Zerby to Donald Luke Bowser, property in Pavia Township, $54,000.

Brenda J. Ridgway to Autumn M. Bollman, property in Bedford Township, $101,500.

Robert P. and Sharon Foor to Dalesman LLC, property in Bedford Borough, $200,000.

Fannie Mae and Federal National Mortgage Association to Mark S. Smith, property in Broad Top Township, $37,900.

Walter L. Sr. and Suzanne C. James to Marie A. Ulrich, property in Juniata Township, $148,000.

Janice M. McCue, Evelyn D. and Evelyn Forman to Fred Foor, property in Broad Top Township, $58,000.

Wayne L. Jr., and Ronald A. Wadel to Daniel R. and Hattie R. White, Property in a Liberty Township, $42,000.

Mary Jean Bollinger to Willis G. Wible Jr., property in Broad Top Township, $63,000.

Ray W. and Kathryn K. Dom to Jarred M. and Talitha D. Foor, property in Manns Choice Borough, $130,000.

Deborah A. Bolt to Chester J. and Sarah E. Sewalk, property in Londonderry Township, $545,000.

Rick E. Hagemeyer and Robyn L. Hesse-Hagemeyer to Stone Financing LLC., property in Snake Spring Township, $325,500.

Clearfield County

Annette Caltagarone to Bradley Calliari, property in DuBois. $15,403.

Charles Robert Kim to Kevin A.and Vanessa D. Reese, property in Boggs Township, $342,000.

John H. and Pamela J. Buttner to Piper Real Estate Management LLC, property in Sandy Township, $216,000.

William R. Naugle to Angelo J. Sr. and Jeanne M. Ferraraccio, property in Sandy Township, $139,000.

Brandyn M. and Mona L. Seary to Douglas S. and Meghan L. Wright, property in Sandy Township, $71,500.

Marlene L. Wayne to John J. and Kelly M. Spellen, property in Sandy Township, $93,000.

Howard B. II and Mandy Lyn Gallaher to Robert and Donna Oaks, property in Lawrence Township, $25,000.

BLM Properties LLC to Jeffrey A. Sisco, property in Lawrence Township, $335,000.

Larry S. Seger and Enola J. McClincey to Roger R. and Barbara A. Hull, property in Penn Township, $25,917.

Donna J. Freeman to Ronald E. Copp, property in Irvona Borough, $67,000.

Robin L. Peterson to PAS Group LLC, property in DuBois City, $57,500.

Larry G. and Barbara J. Forsyth to Cody M. Stewart, property in Sandy Township, $75,000.

David A. and Ann M. Sigvaldsen to Luck Hawk LLC, property in DuBois, $12,000.

Jenny M. and Durvin Wick to Nancy R. and Mark T. Taylor, property in Decatur Township, $285,000.

Jodi M. and Vincent M. Cooley to Matthew S. Kephart and Kausha R. Schultz, property in Decatur Township, $150,000.

Robert F. Valli to Kenton and Helen E. Hatch, property in Decatur Township, $100,000.

Toby M. Young to Valerie L. Paules and Jason M. Brown, property in Lawrence Township, $62,000.

April Iris and Timothy A. Shannon and Jocelyn Rae and Jason M. Piccolo, property in Decatur Township, $55,000.

Don C. Smeal and Natasha C. Renninger to Brett V. and Carmella D. Jacobs, property in Chest Township, $122,000.

Robert S. and Heather A. Inguagiato to James R. and Lea M. Rishel, property in Lawrence Township, $12,000.

Huntingdon County

Frank W., F. Wally and Kay C. Lester to Kris E. Laird, property in Warriors Mark Township, $284,000.

Jordon R. Swope and Julie A. Bernard to Douglas A. and Kuincy R. Shontz, property in Warriors Mark Township, $206,00.


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