Amazon AWS, GitHub provide labs, collaboration in the cloud

Courtesy photo Sam Tinker, a student at South Hills, works from home on a cloud server and database hosted in the Amazon (AWS) cloud computing platform.

As part of AWS Educate, technology students at South Hills are now using many of the same cloud services used by area businesses in order to learn about running servers, hosting websites, storing backups and utilizing databases in the cloud.

GitHub, a code collaboration platform, is also being used in the SDP program to allow the software development students to work as a team on building software together from anywhere.

When classes had to be fully online last term, South Hills students in the IT program set up AWS Workspaces.

These are Windows desktops in the cloud that allowed the students to utilize the same software they were already comfortable with to take exams from home.

Guido Santella, instructor at South Hills’ Altoona campus, said, “We are always striving to get students familiar with the tools that they will use on the job. As more opportunities arise with remote work and distributed teams, these tools are essential to be able to stay connected and accomplish a goal.”

Students in school can now work collaboratively on projects with students that are staying home when sick or quarantining and the labs are available to them anytime they want to jump in and complete an assignment.


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