South Hills IT students host Hack Day event

Courtesy photo Information technology students Jarrod Frederick and Scott Goss show their project during the Cup-Stacking Activity. This challenge pushed participants to use analytical skills to build the tallest tower in a short amount of time. Although this was not directly related to building hardware or software, strategic thinking and a problem-solving mindset was needed to win.

The Information Technol-ogy Club at South Hills School of Business & Technology organized a Local Hack Day Event as part of a global event sponsored by Major League Hacking.

Individuals from all over Central Pennsylvania came together at South Hills, joining more than 10,000 hackers participating in the event from 250 locations around the world.

“Hackers” are individuals who use their technical knowledge to solve problems. Local Hack Days are designed to help individuals and teams develop their computer skills and problem-solving abilities, as well as provide networking opportunities for people interested in technology.

The event included presentations from local technology professionals as well as learning sessions and activities designed by IT Club members including: Intro to Computer Pro-gramming with Python, Intro to Building Your Own Computer, Raspberry PI Throwdown and IoT (Internet of Things), What My First Tech Job is Like, What I Learned This Year Owning My Own Computer Software Company, Q&A with a Computer Security Expert, Working with the Twilio API to send Text Messages, What does $3,000 of New Computer Technol-ogy Look Like and Intro to Building with the Cloud.

Guido Santella is the South Hills IT program instructor and event organizer.

Local Hack Day attendees spent time sharing about projects they’ve worked on and things they’ve built.

The schedule included activities that allowed people to work together on projects.

They had time to network and shared advice and stories about working in the field of IT.

Attendees participated in cup-stacking challenges, computer gaming tournaments, got to unbox and put together a 3D printer, set up new computer hardware, tinker and and learn.


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