Pet obituary: Maxine Dively

March 1, 2009 – April 15, 2020

Hi, my name is Maxine. I know this is late, but my Mom and Dad, John and Christine Dively, were so overwhelmed by grief, cause I passed away April 15, 2020.

They and my cat brother, Ernie and my cat sisters Momma and Baby miss me so much and I really miss them.

I know I will see them again, and get excited when I think about it. I also have a human brother, Shawn and his wife, April.

I was born on March 1, 2009. I was rescued by my Dad when I was 4 months old. Wow! I fell in love with them and they with me. I went on walks and had a big toy box to pick from.

My vet loved my long velvet ears. They were bigger than me and I tripped over them until I grew into them. He told Mom and Dad to never let me out off leash, because I had this great nose and he said I would put my nose to the ground and follow a scent for 20 miles and couldn’t find my way home.

They solved this by joining the Blair County Dog Park. They would take me there in the car and take me into the fenced area for large dogs, (and unleash me).

I guess I was a big girl. I could run and run with the other dogs until I needed a drink, after which, off I went again until I was so tired but also so happy.

Mom would take me out on sunny, warm days and tie me on a large stake out and I would lie on the sidewalk, while Mom would sit on the swing beside me.

Those were fun days.

They bought me boots and a snazzy sweater, and used special salt on the walks in the winter so the ice and snow wouldn’t hurt me. I looked beautiful in my sweater and boots.

I used to shed a lot and Mom would say, she could make a sweater from all my shed hair.

I had a beautiful pink dress and Halloween costumes. Mom would take me trick-or-treating during the day. My favorite costume was my hot dog one. Nobody ever knew who I was!

Then I got sick in October 2019. I was really, really sick. I had to go to the hospital in State College and Dr. Koshko took my spleen out.

I came home feeling great for a while, but I developed something else, which couldn’t be fixed.

I got sicker and sicker, but my Mom and Dad took wonderful care of me, along with my vets, Dr. Winkler, Dr. Jackson and Dr. Uplinger. I always ate prescription medicine that kept me pain-free. My Mom and Dad were so grateful for that and the gentle care they gave me.

My final thoughts are I just want Mom and Dad to know I had the best life ever. Lots of love, toys, treats and my feline friends to play with. They would lie beside me when I didn’t feel good.

Thank you for all the care and love. I had fun. I loved you all too, and until I see you again, here is a great, big sloppy kiss, my favorite thing.

— Love, Maxine


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