Jan. is Radon Awareness Month

Breathe PA urges the public to protect their home and family from radon. January is Radon Awareness Month, making it a good time to share some facts about radon in Western Pennsylvania.

Radon comes from the break-down of trace amounts of uranium in soil. It is a gas that moves up into homes where it becomes trapped and presents a danger in the form of lung cancer. Even at levels below the recommended remediation level of 4 pCi/L radon can still be dangerous; however a radon level of 0 pCi/L is considered impossible to achieve through modern remediation technology.

Pennsylvania radon levels are high compared to other states. What can you do?

n Test your home. Licensed Measurement Technologists can be found on the state DEP website. Short-term self-test kits can be purchased through Breathe Pennsylvania.

n When you buy a home, make sure it is tested. You cannot be forced to buy a home with high radon in Pennsylvania. It is a great opportunity to have a home remediated before you move in.

n When you are selling a home, make sure testing protocols are followed. If your home radon level is high, contact a professional to assist with remediation. Tampering with an ongoing radon test is illegal. In the end, radon can be remediated, and doing so not only benefits present owners, but future ones as well.

To order a radon test kit for $15, visit https://breathepa.org/product/radon-test-kit.


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