Pet obituary

Plum and Pablo Kutz

Bob Kutz of Altoona wrote the following about his two pugs who recently passed to the Rainbow Bridge.

“I recently lost two of my best friends.

Plum was the older of the two at 14, and Pablo was 8.

Pablo was full of life, rarely ever still. He loved to ride in the Jeep on my lap, head out the window and loved long walks. He was tragically taken in an accident, and is sorely missed every day.

Plum had belonged to Rob and Marrissa, then came my way seven years ago.

He was always very loving and gentle.

They both loved ice cream runs to The Meadows.

Plum touched a lot of people’s lives with his demeanor and will not soon be forgotten.

A special thanks to Chris at Susan’s Dog Grooming and to the staff at Sylvan Veterinary Hospital for the kind treatment throughout the years!

I will especially miss the parades where each one would put their heads out the window and love watching the crowds.

They truly made my life a better place here on earth and do hope to see them in heaven one day soon! God bless you boys!”


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