Pet obituary-Joe

Courtesy photo Joe, a 13-year-old chihuahua owned by Ron Filer of Hollidaysburg, died in November 2019.

‘My Pal Joe’

by Ron Filer of Hollidaysburg

When I think of Joe, my old friend and pal,

it brings tears to my eyes, and even a smile.

How proud I was when we went for a walk,

he would sit down and wait when I stopped to talk,

Not a leash he would wear as he stayed by my side unless dog bone in mouth he wanted to hide.

Thru all kinds of weather believe it or not, he did not like the cold or when it was too hot

So faithful was my friend and pal

to ever forget him will take quite a while.

When I go out the back door a place I have to go,

I’d look back and say, “I’ll be back Joe,”

He would run into the front room jump up on his chair, climb up on top so he could watch me from there.

As I came in the back door I’d look all around

“I’m back Joe” but he couldn’t be found.

Even though he’s not here, in my memories I see

him running down the hallway to jump up on me.

Never will I find a pet that I know

could ever replace My Pal Joe.

In all my rooms still I can see

where he laid or sat.

The only way to get him up was to say the word “cat.”

Much mare memories I could share I know

of my old friend, My Pal Joe.

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