WISE Women awards grants to nonprofits

WISE Women of Blair County awarded $6,670 in grant money to three organizations Jan. 15.

Funded for the 2020 grant cycle were: Family Services Inc., the Altoona Area School District Adult Education Program and the Hollidaysburg Area Public Library.

Family Services Inc. was represented by Lisa Hahn, executive director. It requested funding for its Family Services Program to assist in securing documentation for safety, security, learn life skills and self-empowerment and its Domestic Abuse Project/

Crime Victim Support program to help empower victims to live independently and help with various fees and expenses for securing their independence.

The Altoona Area School District Adult Education Program was represented by Tina Swineford, and it requested a grant for obtaining birth certificates, GED fees and other documents to help adults earn their GED diploma and start on their journey for self-reliance.

The Hollidaysburg Area Public Library was represented by Janet Eldred, chief librarian, and Melanie Ramsey, children’s librarian. It asked for funding for a new program for young children to help educate them about eliminating racism. This program will run in the summer and the WISE grant will help buy books and materials that will be at the library for future generations of children.

WISE Women of Blair County annually makes available grant funding for organizations who meet the funding criteria.

The next grant applications are due in October 2020.

For more information on the grants and the organization, visit wisewomenofblaircounty.org.


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