Central Pa. Community Foundation offers grants

The Central Pennsylvania Community Foundation is accepting grant proposals from organizations that meet the following criteria:

n Only 501(c)(3) organizations or organizations that qualify for a deduct-ible contribution using IRS rules. The charity must be a qualified organization that meets the 50% limit organization rules.

n The organization must be located in or serve Blair County.

n The foundation does not make grants to individuals.

n To conserve limited resources, an organization can only apply for one grant in a 12-month period.

n Please submit one original and eight copies of the grant packet.

n An acknowledgement from the organization stating that the donation is a deductible contribution to a 50% limit organization.

n Reporting for grants — A letter of how these funds were utilized and/or a site visit may be required.

The organization must meet one of the following criteria:

n Promote scientific research for the advancement of knowledge.

n Support art, music and culture of all kinds.

n Provide scholarships or otherwise assist deserving persons in obtaining an education.

n Assist the improvement of living and working conditions for the health and welfare of the community.

n Provide facilities for public recreation.

n Provide funds to assist in the delivery of medical services.

The grant application deadline is 4 p.m. April 30.

Applications will be reviewed by the grants committee in May so that a recommendation can be given to the Board of Directors in June for a final decision.

Applicants will be notified within four weeks after the decision has been made by the board.

This information and the application are available at www.centralpa


For more information, contact the Community Foundation Office at 944-6102 or CPCF@centralpa



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