Alex’s Lemonade Stand, Morden Foundation fight childhood cancer

The Brian Morden Foundation is continuing its partnership with Philadelphia-based Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation in the fight against childhood cancer.

During National Childhood Cancer Month in September, the BMF was thrilled to be able to present a check to the Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation to co-fund two projects.

This year has been a significant one for both Brian Morden Foundation’s vice-president Barbara Piper and co-founder/president Dawn Morden.

Their sons (Brian Morden and Tim Piper) would have been 35 this year had their lives not been cut short by cancer.

The Brian Morden Foundation Board of Directors chose to honor and remember Brian and Tim this year in a meaningful way using donor funds that were designated for research.

The $35,000 donation is symbolic of the 35th birthdays Brian and Tim should have been celebrating.

The BMF is donating to the following projects that have been vetted by ALSF scientific advisory and review boards:

Crazy 8 2019 Pilot Project — Fusion Positive Sarcomas Targeting Fusion-Driven Sarcomas, $20,000 in memory and honor of Brian Morden and all children who battle sarcomas.

Crazy 8 2019 Pilot Project — Leukemias Platform development for target identification in high-risk pediatric leukemias, $15,000 in memory and honor of Tim Piper and all children who battle leukemia.

The fact that only about 4% of the federal cancer research budget is allocated to childhood cancer research, this and all amounts are extremely helpful in advancing pro-mising research studies.

In conjunction with this donation, Barbara Piper and Dawn Morden attended the ALSF Charity Partner Summit in Philadelphia Sept. 24-26.

The opening keynote for the summit was titled “Game Changing Strategies for Childhood Cancer Organizations.”

The intent was to brainstorm new ideas and discuss ways that all attendees can help push forward cures for kids – together.

A variety of sessions were held during the two-day summit featuring doctors from across the country discussing research, results and future opportunities and challenges.


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