Pet obituary-Sunbrook’s Georgia Peach

Sunbrook’s Georgia Peach, (Georgia) a Standard Apricot Poodle, died in her human mother, Mary’s arms Aug. 31, 2019, at Sylvan Veterinary Clinic.

Georgia was born Feb. 8, 2008, at Louder Creek Red Hunting Poodle Kennels in Georgia.

She arrived at Harrisburg Airport April 8, 2008, and to Duncansville PA the same day at the Warren H. and Mary C. Emeigh residence where she spent the rest of her life enjoying all the cats in the home and all the human friends and relatives of the Emeigh family.

Her special dog friends were Aunt Jennifer’s Great Danes and Uncle Todd’s Black Labradors.

Georgia mastered advanced obedience classes at Linda Burley’s Obedi-ence School, which she always looked forward to attending.

She enjoyed her monthly grooming visits to Linda Blackie and Fabulous Fido appointments.

Her special joy was riding in the front passenger seat of Warren’s red truck around Duncansville, Hollidaysburg and Scotch Valley where she received many treats and pats from all who stopped by to say hello to her.

She was a loyal friend to all and especially Warren whom she would awaken should his sugar drop dangerously low.

We want to thank Holli-daysburg Animal Clinic’s Dr. Jessica Stanek, Dr. Kendra Itle and her human Aunt, Dr. Sarah Barefoot — all who took excellent special care of her during her life.

Georgia is going to be greatly missed in this world by all who met her.