Scout Survival Challenge to be held Thursday at Legion Park

HOLLIDAYSBURG — The Chief Logan District Scout Survival Challenge will be held Thursday at Legion Park.

Registration begins at 5 p.m., and the event kicks off at 6 p.m.

This event is open to anyone, from a local business to a group of friends who just want to have fun and get a taste of what scouting is all about. Each team is comprised of five people, but anyone who wants to spectate can pay to enter and receive food.

The challenge is best described as “Office Olympics with a Scouting twist.”

The event will be comprised of several different stations for teams to compete in. The stations will all feature an event that directly relates to scouting and each team will rotate through each station. The idea is to test your scouting skills and have some fun along the way. If you have trouble at a station, you can “buy a scout” to help you with the task. There will also be food provided in the form of “Foil Packs,” which is a classic scouting meal, included with the team fee.

The cost of the event varies based on how much the team wants to give.

The baseline team payment for five people is $500.

A silver sponsor team payment is $1,000, which includes six spectator tickets.

A gold sponsor team payment is $2,500 for two teams of five and 10 spectator tickets.

There are also options to buy a station sign to promote a local business, and donations are welcome from those who can’t attend but want to give to the event.

A spectator ticket, which just includes the meal, is $30.

Local breweries will also be present to serve drinks.

For more information, call Nathan Madison at 619-9219 or visit www



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