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50 YEARS AGO: June 7, 1969

Genevieve Heath, office supervisor for the Altoona Department of Streets and Public Improvements, was honored with a retirement dinner at Ruthie’s Restaurant after 43 years of service. She had attended Isenberg’s Business School in Altoona and Mayor William Prosser presented her with a golden spike.

25 YEARS AGO: June 7, 1994

The Cove Shoe Co. in Martinsburg purchased the Joseph Corcoran Shoe Co. in Stoughton, Mass., two years ago, which had manufactured jump boots worn by 11,000 paratroopers in the Normandy invasion and which the Cove company still made and was issuing commemorative T-shirts and posters about.

10 YEARS AGO: June 7, 2009

The Gloria Gates Foundation, which ran an after-school program at the low-income housing project Evergreen Manors, announced that it was expanding to the Altoona Housing Authority’s Fairview Hill housing project. Dr. Zane Gates founded the program 10 years ago in honor of his mother.

–Compiled by Tim Doyle


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