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Gardening contest to showcase efforts

PHILADELPHIA — The Pennsylvania Horticultural Society encourages non-professional gardeners from Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware to enter its beloved green spaces in the 2019 PHS Gardening Contest.

The annual competition welcomes entries representing all types of garden interests and skill levels.

Interested participants can submit their gardens or nominate a favorite neighborhood garden online or by mail through June 7.

The PHS Gardening Contest brings together a diverse, talented collection of individuals and community groups who are passionate about using horticulture to create beautiful, impactful spaces for themselves and their neighbors.

Home gardeners, community gardeners and urban farmers, as well as those who tend to children’s gardens, school gardens or gardens in public spaces are invited to enter.

All contestants will be provided opportunities to learn from PHS experts and each other, through optional classes and online resources.

Gardens are judged onsite beginning in July by a panel of knowledgeable plant lovers. Judges will be assessing gardens on a variety of factors, including demonstration of:

n Aesthetic appeal, beauty, innovation and effective design.

n Plant health, sustainable practices and resourcefulness.

n Edible plants.

n Habitat for pollinators and other wildlife.

n Connections to family, neighbors and/or community.

Exemplary gardens will be recognized in the fall. Photos and highlights of the winning gardens will be shared via the PHS website, social media and other communications. All participants play an important role in advancing PHS’s mission of using horticulture to advance the greater good by adding green space to their communities and inspiring their neighbors to garden.

For more information and to learn how to support the PHS Gardening Contest, visit PHSonline.org

/gardeningcontest, call 215.988.8897, or email



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