Blair 4-H holds awards banquet

Courtesy photos Outstanding 4-Hers recognized at the Blair County 4-H Awards Banquet are (from left): front — Ty Uplinger and Rylee Stultz; back — Mason Benfer, Jack Hileman, Garrison Dibert, Katheryn Longenecker, Lily Sollenberger and Yvonne Longenecker.

WILLIAMSBURG — The Blair County 4-H Awards Banquet was held Nov. 16 at the Christian Missionary Church Hall.

Listed are the awards the 4-H club members received and the club they are members in (if applicable):

Officer awards

President — Cassandra Michelone, Lamb Chops, first; Ashley Sollenberger, Little Cow Tails, second; Garrison Dibert, Baby Beef, third; Keller Metzker, Kids for Kids, honorable mention.

Vice president — Lily Sollenberger, Little Cow Tails, first; Victoria Longenecker, Lamb Chops, second; Adam Knab, Feathered Friends, third.

Yvonne Longenecker receives the Harold Longenecker Memorial Award from Austin Longenecker (left) and Adam Longenecker, Harold’s grandson and son.

Secretary — Morgan Kennedy, Classic Ribbons, first; Morgan Knab, Feathered Friends, second; Andrea Slusser, Bounding Bunnies, third; Garrison Dibert, Little Cow Tails, honorable mention; Katheryn Longenecker, Baby Beef, honorable mention; Sam Stahl, Kids for Kids, honorable mention.

Treasurer — Lynnae Dibert, Baby Beef, first; Katheryn Longenecker, Morrison’s Cove Dairy Club, second; Alana Stahl, Kids for Kids, third; Isabelle Anderson, Little Cow Tails, honorable mention; Garrison Dibert, Lamb Chops, honorable mention; Kelli Wyles, Classic Ribbons, honorable mention; Adam Uplinger, Swine Club, honorable mention; Dominic DelBiondo, Bounding Bunnies, honorable mention.

Historian — Anna, Katheryn and Yvonne Longenecker, Lamb Chops, first; Michaela Brown and Lily Gutshall, Kids for Kids, first; Madison Kennedy, Classic Ribbons, first; Adam Knab, Bounding Bunnies, second; Vannika Rice, Morrison’s Cove Dairy Club, third; Michaela Brown, Little Cow Tails, honorable mention; Kase Smith, Baby Beef, honorable mention; Morgan Knab, Feathered Friends, honorable mention.

Recreation leader — Kayla Sollenberger, Little Cow Tails, first.

News reporter — Karly Diebold, Tail Twisters, first.

Kayla Sollenberger, Blair County 4-H member, presents Dr. Andy Weikert with the 2018 Blair County Friend of 4-H Award.

Outstanding members

Outstanding Girl — Yvonne Longenecker.

Outstanding Boy — Jack Hileman.

Senior Girl — Lily Sollenberger.

Senior Boy — Garrison Dibert.

Dave and Janet Hileman are awarded the 2018 Blair County 4-H Heritage Award by Garrison Dibert (left), Blair 4-H member.

Junior Boy — Mason Benfer.

Junior Girl — Katheryn Longenecker.

Little Clover Boy — Ty Uplinger.

Little Clover Girl — Rylee Stultz.

Recipient of the 2018 Blair County 4-H Development Scholarship — Cassandra Michelone.

Members receiving AB Ross Leadership Certificates from Sen. John Eichelberger — Ethan Carn, Jacob Carn, Garrison Dibert, Elyse Dilling, Ethan Dilling, McKaela Fisher, Dalton Foor, Joshua Gutshall, Lilly Gutshall, Jack Hileman, Morgan Kennedy, Keller Metzker, Ashley Sollenberger, Lily Sollenberger, Adam Uplinger, Emilee Wertz, Kelli Wyles.

4-H Teen Leader Awards — Ashley Sollenberger, Caleb McGee, Cassandra Michelone, Emilee Wertz, Ethan Carn, Faith Brumbaugh, Garrison Dibert, Jacob Carn, Jonathan McGee, Kara Stultz, Kase Smith, Kathryn Longenecker, Keller Metzker, Lilly Gutshall, Lily Sollenberger, Madison Benfer, Michaela Brown, Scott Sessamen, Victoria Longenecker, Vannika Rice, Yvonne Longenecker.

Over the Hill members — Yvonne Longenecker, Emilee Wertz and Katelyn Harker.

Parent of the Year — Jannie Carn, Colleen Wertz, Mike Benfer, Carrie Brown, Tyler Knab, Jim and Michele Michelone, Amber Lewis, Chris Carney, Dave Dibert.

Perfect Attendance Award — Adam Knab, Adam Uplinger, Allee England, Anna Longenecker, Ashley Sollenberger, Aubrey Anderson, Branson Colyer, Brooke Lewis, Cassandra Michelone, Chloe England, Dominic DelBiondo, Ean Snowberger, Ellie Carn, Ellie Dilling, Emmett Conner, Ethan Carn, Faith Brumbaugh, Garrison Dibert, Grace Conner, Isabelle Anderson, Jacob Carn, Kade Rhule, Kara Lansberry, Kara Stultz, Kase Smith, Katheryn Longenecker, Katie Guyer, Kayla Sollenberger, Keller Metzker, Levi Sollenberger, Lily Sollen-berger, Lynnae Dibert, Mason Benfer, Michaela Brown, Mikayla Burket, Morgan Knab, Vannika Rice, Olivia Knab, Owen Snowberger, Quinton Conner, Rowan Gorsuch, Rylee Stultz, Sarah Disney, Taylor Uplinger, Victoria Longenecker, Yvonne Longenecker.

Leader Service Awards — One year of service: Jason Conner, Tammy Conner, Alicia Knab, Amber Lewis, Jen Slusser, Jennifer Snyder, Adam Wertz and Colleen Wertz; five years of service: Tammy Stultz; 25 years of service: Peggy Mock and Jack Mock; 30 years of service: Chris Doyle.

Friend of 4-H — Dr. Andy Weikert, a veterinarian at Dairyside Veterinary Service.

Harold Longenecker Memorial Award — Yvonne Longenecker.

4-H Heritage Award — Dave and Janet Hileman.


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