Blair 4-H, FFA hold junior livestock banquet

Courtesy photos The 2018 Blair County Junior Livestock Show Champions are (from left): front row — Victoria Longenecker, Garrison Dibert, Katheryn Longenecker, Lauren Kensinger, Andrew McMonagle and Alexi McMonagle; back row — Kara Lansberry, Scott Sessamen, Cassandra Michelone, Hunter Stultz, Kara Stultz, Jason Ferry and Keller Metzker.

WILLIAMSBURG — The Blair County Junior Livestock Clubs held their annual banquet Oct. 2 at the Williamsburg Farm Show Building. Special guests at the banquet were sponsors and buyers from the show and sale in August.

The officers from each club helping with the program were: Kara Stultz (emcee), Yvonne Longenecker, Josh Frye, Tori Longenecker, Cassandra Michelone, Garrison Dibert, Lily Sollenberger, Mason Benfer, Ashley Sollenberger and Emily Wertz.

The 4D Flowers (Chris and Barb Doyle) donated mums for the door prizes.

Christ Bardell from the CBT Bank of Williamsburg sponsored the high point trophies for each club. Bardell also presented each beef member a rate of gain check.

The awards given by each of the following clubs were:

The 2018 Blair County 4-H Outstanding Livestock Members are (from left): front row — Anna Longenecker, Katheryn Longenecker, Karly Diebold, Rowan Gorsuch and Carson Frye; middle row — Morgan Knab, Collin Hall and Lynnae Dibert; back row — Emilee Wertz, Ashley Sollenberger, Garrison Dibert, Lily Sollenberger, Cassandra Michelone, Josh Frye and Kase Smith.

Blair County Bouncing Bunnies 4-H Club

Leaders: George and Peggy Sessamen.

High Point Award: Emilee Wertz, senior; Dominic Delbiondo, intermediate.

Little Cow Tails

Leaders: Kristy Bigelow and Katie Bigelow.

High Point Award: Lily Sollenberger, senior; Ashley Sollenberger, intermediate; Morgan Knab, junior; Ellie Cam, first year.

Dairy Beef Quiz: Lily Sollenberger, senior; MiKayla Burket and Lynnae Dibert, tied, junior.

Lamb Chops

Leaders: Jim and Michele Michelone and Jack and Peggy Mock.

High Point Award: Cassandra Michelone, senior; Katheryn Longenecker, intermediate; Anna Longenecker, junior.

Shepherd Contest: Senior — Cassandra Michelone, first; Tori Longenecker, second. Intermedi-ate — Garrison Dibert, first; Faith Brumbaugh, second. Junior — Rylee Stultz, first; Ean Snowberger, second.

Rate of Gain: Kara Lansberry, first; Tori Longenecker, second.

Ewe Award: Anna Longenecker.

Cooking Contest: Faith Brumbaugh, first; Garrison Dibert, second; Kara Stultz, third.

Guess of Weight: Lamb — Garrison Dibert, Kara Lansberry and Yvonne Longenecker, tied for first (one pound off). Goat — Bransen Colyer, first (one pound off); Katheryn Longenecker and Garrison Dibert, tied for second (two pounds off).

Perfect attendance: Yvonne Longenecker, Katheryn Longenecker, Garrison Dibert, Victoria Longenecker, Rylee Stultz, Lynnae Dibert, Casssandra Michelone, Anna Longenecker, Kara Stultz, Ean Snowberger, Owen Snowberger, Kara Lansberry, Bransen Colyer, Faith Brumbaugh.

Housekeeping Award, sponsored by Scott Sessamen: Rylee Foor.

Rate of Gain for each member was sponsored by Phil Keith of Keith Truck and Equipment Sales.

Blair County Swine Club

Leaders: Rob and Tammy Stultz.

High Point Award: Cassandra Michelone, senior; Jack Hileman, intermediate; Rowan Gorsuch, junior.

Tailtwister Community Club

Leaders: Chris and Barb Doyle.

High Point Award: Joshua Frye, senior; Karly Diebold, intermediate; Carson Frye, junior; Collin Hall, first year.

Baby Beef Club

Leaders: Dave and Stacey Dibert.

The Baby Beef 4-H Club celebrated 80 years (1938 to 2018).

High Point Award: Kase Smith, senior; Garrison Dibert, intermediate; Anna Longenecker, junior; Lynnae Dibert, first year.

John Hileman Memorial Award, sponsored by Jeremy Mock: Yvonne Longenecker.

Perfect attendance: Anna Longenecker, Garrison Dibert, Katheryn Longenecker, Yvonne Longenecker, Lynnae Dibert and Kase Smith.

Members in Good Standing: Anna Longenecker, Garrison Dibert, Katheryn Longenecker, Yvonne Longenecker, Lynnae Dibert and Kase Smith.

Over the Hill: Yvonne Longenecker.

Rate of Gain was presented by Christ Bardell sponsored by CBT Bank of Williamsburg.

Special awards for 2018 grand champions, reserve champions and third of show received their chair and a banner.

The recipients were Lauren Kensinger, grand champion dairy beef; Alexi McMonagle, reserve champion dairy beef and reserve champion beef; Victoria Longenecker, third of show beef; Katheryn Longenecker, grand champion goat; Jason Ferry, reserve champion goat; Keller Metzker, third of show goat; Andrew McMonagle, reserve champion swine; Cassandra Michelone, reserve champion swine carcass and grand champion lamb; Garrison Dibert, grand champion beef and third of show dairy beef; Kara Lansberry, reserve champion lamb; Kara Stultz, grand champion swine carcass and grand champion swine; Hunter Stultz, third of show swine; Scott Sessamen, grand champion rabbit; Dominic DelBiondo, reserve champion rabbit; Kayla Dodson, third of show lamb.

Anyone interested in joining these 4-H clubs can call the Penn State Extension Office at 940-5989.


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