Rewards program eases pain of pet prescription prices

All five of our dogs take meds for one condition or another right now, which seems a bit crazy but with such a variety in breed and age, it’s inevitable. Finding new and innovative ways to pay for some of these meds is a part-time job.

Rio, our youngest, takes Apoquel for severe skin allergies. She’s a German shepherd, say no more. They are prone to so many genetic issues including sensitive skin and allergies.

Chase also takes Apoquel for severe skin allergies. He’s a golden retriever/collie mix. He would bite and chew his paws raw if we didn’t have him on this medication.

Mabel, (we think our oldest, but age truly unknown because she was found as a stray) takes seizures. She’s on Zonisamide twice a day, and it has really helped in keeping her seizures under control.

Hopey, our 10(ish)-year-old Heinz 57 mix, was diagnosed with Cushing’s disease a few years ago and takes Vetoryl each day to keep her symptoms at bay. I’ve written about Cush-ing’s and probably should give it another go sometime this year as a refresher for those who aren’t familiar with the condition or symptoms.

Mabel and our newest boy, Brady, a 10-year-old golden retriever, both have arthritis and take Rimadyl, which for both of them works very well, I’m happy to report.

Rimadyl either works wonders or doesn’t seem to work at all with some dogs. It can be hard on their systems (organs) from prolonged use but the relief it offers to both Mabel and Brady is worth it.

We get all our medications directly from our vet. I feel better that way. I know where they come from and who is handling the orders, even though I seem to be there so frequently that the techs in the office make fun that they don’t know if I’m coming or going half the time.

By month’s end after we’ve stocked up on all our pet meds, I’m ready to start serving rice and beans as our staple meal for poor Ray and me. That’s exaggerating a bit, but medication, whether pet or human, can be expensive and ours is for sure.

However, my vet’s office did introduce me to a pet care rewards card from the pharmaceutical company Zoetis, the maker of Rimadyl and it has been worth its weight in gold.

The card offers rewards dollar points on several of Zoetis’ medications, including Simparica, ProHeart6, Revolution, Convenia and Rimadyl. The only one we use currently of theirs is Rimadyl but the savings already has been incredible.

I received a brochure from the vet’s office with instructions. All I do is log into their rewards site. The company sends me a Visa debit card with my own personal account number and each time I buy Rimadyl, I scan the receipt into the computer and send it to the company. They verify my purchase and reward me dollar points toward my next order.

I used my card during my last purchase. I had $56 in rewards points and it paid for Mabel’s pills for the month. Now, that’s what I call a great thing.

I wish more companies offered rewards programs and perhaps they do and I have yet to learn about them.

That’s why I wanted to write about this. To share these rewards programs with you and find out if you know of other ones that exist and can share with


Feel free to email or write to me at the address below and if we get feedback of other rewards programs I’ll be sure to pass the information along in a future article.

Amy is the author “Have Dog Will Blog”, editor of the Central PA Pets magazine, and director of the Central PA Pet Expo. She can be contacted at ahanna@altoonamirror

.com or by mail: Paws and Reflect, c/o Amy J. Hanna-Eckenrode, Altoona Mirror, 301 Cayuga Ave., Altoona, PA 16602.


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