Saint Francis to host Solar 5K on Sept. 17

LORETTO -?The Saint Francis University Science Outreach Center will host its annual Solar 5K run and walk on Sept. 17 around campus.

The Solar 5K is both a fun, family activity and a 5K challenge for serious runners, unifying health and natural sciences in one event. It includes a timed race, a solar viewing, awards, prizes, brain-teasing games, hands-on activities for children and their parents, and lots of fun information about the Solar System. The Solar 5K is open to the public and is great for all ages.

To create the course for the Solar 5K, the Science Outreach Center has scaled down the solar system to just 5 kilometers. As runners and walkers make their way through the solar system, they will learn how the sun generates energy in its core and how we use it on Earth. They will encounter planets and their moons, cross the Asteroid and Kuiper belts, see asteroids and comets and learn some tips from health specialists on how to stay healthy throughout their lives.

To learn more or register, visit francis



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