Local author: New book shares art, writings of a man reflecting some of his curses and blessings

“JUSTIN SANE: The Joy and Pain of A Beautiful Man ‘s Soul: A Dance with Addiction and Mental Health” by Justin P. Dodson.

The late Justin P. Dodson, a 2003 graduate of Altoona Area High School, struggled with addiction and bipolar disorder for 20 years but, he always had hope.

He helped the broken and wanted all to be more loving and to believe in each other. He touched the hearts of many during his life and his love will never die.

“JUSTIN SANE: The Joy and Pain of A Beautiful Man’s Soul: A Dance with Addiction and Mental Health” (published by Xlibris), shares the words of Dodson.

His writings and art are reflections of some of his blessings and curses. Being an addict and bipolar did, by no means, define him. He truly wanted to share himself, help the broken and others to understand the daily battle of someone struggling with addiction and mental health.

Dodson loved all who reached out to him. He did not achieve his dream of publishing a book before passing away from an overdose on Jan. 31, 2020, but his mother, Jean Paule, fulfilled it for him.

With his guiding presence, many angels, and by the Holy Spirit, this book has been created from his love.

“Justin continues to be with us; he has brought so many people together to continue to bring hope and truth,” Paule said. “His signs have been real; butterflies, cardinals, stink bugs, unfound pictures and letters. Peaceful and happy dreams, visions, and the Sermon of The Prodigal Son have been given to us by the Holy Spirit.

“His dance was always of hope, peace and love. Prayers to all who read his message. Always take the hand and walk to the light,” Dodson’s mother said.

“The publication of ‘JUSTIN SANE: The Joy and Pain of A Beautiful Man’s Soul: A Dance with Addiction and Mental Health’ aims to reach out into hearts and give some understanding and hope to all living with addiction and mental health illnesses,” Paule said.

The book is 114 pages and is available at

amazon.com. It is available in hardcover for $24.58 (ISBN 9781664136366), softcover for $14.82 (ISBN 9781664136373) and e-book for $3.99 (ISBN 9781664136380).


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