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Aug. 14, 1970

The Altoona Area Chamber of Commerce voted to create a non-profit corporation for the development of the Horseshoe Curve as a tourist attraction as requested by Paul Woodring, president of the Blair County Tourist and Promotion Bureau.


Aug. 14, 1995

Kaufman’s Women’s clothing store in downtown Altoona, Harry and Margaret Kaufman owners, filed suit against a company called the May Co. in St. Louis, Mo., because they owned a store called Kaufmann’s, too similar they said to their name.


Aug. 14, 2010

After months of study, Blair County President Judge Jolene G. Kopriva started a mortgage court due to the high incidence of mortgage foreclosures in Blair County. The Homeowners Emergency Mortgage Assistance Program of the Pennsylvania Housing Finance Agency was assisting.

— Compiled by Tim Doyle

Today is Friday, Aug. 14, the 227th day of 2020. There are 139 days left in the year.

Today’s Highlight in History:

On August 14, 1997, an unrepentant Timothy McVeigh was formally sentenced to death for the Oklahoma City bombing. (McVeigh was executed by lethal injection in 2001.)

On this date:

— In 1900, international forces, including U.S. Marines, entered Beijing to put down the Boxer Rebellion, which was aimed at purging China of foreign influence.

— In 1935, President Franklin D. Roosevelt signed the Social Security Act into law.

— In 1941, President Franklin D. Roosevelt and British Prime Minister Winston Churchill issued the Atlantic Charter, a statement of principles that renounced aggression.

— In 1945, President Harry S. Truman announced that Imperial Japan had surrendered unconditionally, ending World War II.

— In 1948, the Summer Olympics in London ended; they were the first Olympic games held since 1936.

— In 1973, U.S. bombing of Cambodia came to a halt.

— In 1980, workers went on strike at the Lenin Shipyard in Gdansk, Poland, in a job action that resulted in creation of the Solidarity labor movement.

— In 1992, the White House announced that the Pentagon would begin emergency airlifts of food to Somalia to alleviate mass deaths by starvation.

— In 1995, Shannon Faulkner officially became the first female cadet in the history of The Citadel, South Carolina’s state military college. (However, Faulkner quit the school less than a week later, citing the stress of her court fight, and her isolation among the male cadets.)


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