Organ concert, meeting planned

Mount Carmel to host renowned organist, Viscount dealers

Carol Williams will present an organ concert at 7 p.m. Monday, Sept. 9, at Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church, 806 11th St., Altoona. The public is invited.

Williams will play the Estey/Viscount Hybrid Pipe Organ in a concert sponsored by Viscount North America to showcase the organ restoration project undertaken by Viscount and Whitesell Pipe Organs last year.

Williams, described by Viscount as always moving to the beat to her own drum, expresses music in a way that is completely representative of who she is as a person.

“We too express ourselves through the unparalleled sound quality of our instruments, their unmatched technology, and the almost limitless flexibility in creating a sound as unique as you, the way that you want it, not the way we as a manufacturer tell you it should sound,” Viscount said in a news release. “As the ‘rock stars’ of the concert organ world and the digital organ world come together at this momentous event, all we can say is, expect fireworks.”

“This is going to be quite a concert,” said James Dengler, music director at Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church. “Dr. Williams is very well known in the organ world with quite a draw to her concerts.”

The concert is part of a much larger event, as the church is hosting Viscount North America’s National Dealer Meeting, held periodically to discuss new products that are offered by Viscount, said Josh Dove, director of sales for Viscount North America.

The dealer meetings begin Monday morning and end at noon on Wednesday. During that time, Viscount will provide training for dealers to enable them to receive certifications on product lines.

What is unique about the dealer meeting this year, Dove said, is that the first day is open to the public.

“This gives a great opportunity for any church with pipe or digital organ needs to come and see firsthand” the work that Viscount does. “We’ll be sharing detailed information first thing in our opening session from 9 a.m. until about lunchtime that shows Viscount’s numerous facilities in Italy, and also discusses our vast resources as a manufacturer.”

Dove said Viscount is also allowing competitors to come to the Monday meeting.

“Some would ask why in the world we would do that,” Dove said, adding that for many years, the digital organ world has been wrapped in secrecy related to how the technology is developed and created.

“In our opinion, it gives the false impression that there is something special worth hiding. However, we know that all of our competitors are using variations of virtually the same technology to create their products known as sampled sound technology.”

While Viscount continues to make sampled-sound organs, the company has added a new patented technology called Physis, Physical Modeling Technology.

In his opinion, Dove said the sound “is incredibly different, unique, more realistic and flexible, and in our opinion, a better way, to recreate not only how a pipe organ sounds, but also how one acts. And it’s creating these sounds through highly complex algorithms (computer code).”

Viscount will be giving a presentation on this technology before the concert.

“All are welcome,” he reiterated.

“The digital organ industry sometimes feels like it’s operating in a time capsule. We at Viscount are looking to change that, with our truly state of the art technology, and with our methodologies in communicating openly with potential consumers. We also believe that by opening our doors and arms to competitors, it will create a less combative, and more collegial atmosphere as peers,” Dove said.