Bridging the gap

Tucker attracts several generations to her shows

Tanya Tucker’s latest album “While I’m Livin'” dropped today, and the original female country outlaw visits The State Theatre Sept. 18.

At the age of 13, Tucker, now 60, was the youngest female to grace the cover of Rolling Stone Magazine, dubbed as the female Elvis and landed 15 number 1 hits including “Delta Dawn,” 41 top 10 hits, and 23 top 40 albums. Nominated 10 times for a Grammy and a winner of two CMAs, two ACMs, three CMT awards … this CMA and ACM winning artist was awarded the 2016 ACM Pioneer Award for her more than 50 years of success in her longstanding musical career.

“Tanya Tucker is a true talent and country music legend. We are are excited to host Tanya as she tours in support of her new album,” said Kerry Cavanaugh, assistant director of marketing and operations with The State Theatre.

Billed as a “tell-all record, full of wisdom, wit, and heart,” the album was produced by three-time Grammy award winning artist Brandi Carlile and Shooter Jennings for Fantasy Records. Most of the record features original music written by Carlile, twins … and the artist. And, it also includes a cover version with lyric modifications of Miranda Lambert’s “The House that Built Me.”

“That wasn’t my idea, that was Brandi Carlile’s,” Tucker stated via email. “I told her that’s Miranda’s song and I wouldn’t be caught loitering around it! Brandi has a way with things and convinced me to cover it, but we changed some of the words around so it was from a mother’s perspective coming back to a house where she raised her kids. It’s really emotional for me to sing it, because it has a lot of parallels in my own life. My kids, Grayson, Presley and Layla are my everything. They’re all pursuing their own musical ambitions in this business now and I’m so proud of them.”

Tucker also credits Carlile with bringing new faces and a mix of generations to her show and new attention.

“I never went anywhere! I’ve been on the road my entire life. I’ve been doing this since I could walk and talk. It seems now, Brandi has this megaphone and people are paying attention to what’s going on with me,” Tucker said.

From the stage, she sees a diverse age range.

“Lately it’s really sweet to see so many generations coming to my shows. There’s grandparents, parents and teens who are in the audience. Sometimes families come together, other times it’s a 20-year-old who’s just discovering me through Brandi. I love every bit of it. The road is my home and I thank God every day for the fans. I’m 60 years old and I’ve been doing this, for what seems like, my entire life. So five decades later and to still be singing on that stage is a blessing.”

This is her first album release in 17 years, but Tucker doesn’t think of it as a “comeback” and doesn’t think of herself as an “outlaw.”

“I’m not sure what that means … outlaw. I’m just me. Someone gave me that description,” Tucker stated. “I’ll tell you this, you have to have a lot of elbow grease and backbone to make it in this business. I’ve always stood my ground and followed my gut, so I guess that’s why they call me an outlaw.”

She’s also not one to ponder the “what ifs” nor does she give advice.

“…I wouldn’t change a damn thing. Every red light gets you to the next green light. Every twist and turn brought me to where I am today. I never give advice, but I’ll give information: Play and sing everywhere you can. Social media has knocked down the door for all artists. Get on there, sing your butt off and get out into the world and sing every gig you can.”

Mirror Staff Writer Patt Keith is at 949-7030.


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