College keeps students in check

Genna Kasun, director of social media and Content Coordinator for Juniata College, manages a team of students who post to Juniata College’s social media accounts.

“The students are vetted and carefully trained before we let them loose. They’ve risen to the occasion and have done very well.”

While students don’t respond in crisis situations, the student-managers provide insightful students-eye view in those situations.

Many students are well-versed in social media and the college offers a myriad of educational, networking, and career tips, Kasun said. For instance, each February, students participate in career week activities. The week also enables students to upload to the college’s social media accounts projects students’ have completed that mutually benefit the educational community and Huntingdon area at large.

“Students are able to use these ‘hands-on’ project summaries to show potential employers their skills,” Kasun said.

“We advise students that a post on social media isn’t going to change minds, but rather social media can help people understand different perspectives and is a place where people can contribute to meaningful coversations. It is also a way for students to connect with people who share an interest in causes they are passionate about or engaged in,” Kasun said. “Most students do really great things on getting attention for causes that speak to their heart and get it out there, especially to spread the word about events or to raise money.”

A rule of thumb she gives to students:

“We remind students that their parents are reading their posts, their potential employers will be checking their social media,” she said.

Staff writer Patt Keith can be reached at 949-7030.


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