Staying cool and cool masks

I hope this blog entry finds you well. The days have been very hot and we’ve finally had some rain. The plants really need it as do the animals. Make sure to leave fresh water out for our wild friends.

Lately, my family has been gardening and of course, staying home. Remember to wear your masks and wash your hands. Let’s #staystrongaltoona!

So, we’re trying to stay cool. We’re doing fans and room air conditioning. I learned from my friend that help is available for electric bill. From Kim Capenos: Locals can call Community Action and ask for LIHEAP assistance. Due to COVID-19, LIHEAP can help with higher electric bills due to having to stay home and the need for air conditioning. Seniors, pregnant ladies, and many people with disabilities can not get overheated. There is also help through EAP, the Energy Assistance Program.Stay cool and stay safe!

There are many aids availble for people during this covid time. If you need help for you or someone else, reach out to Blair services and other groups. Stay safe and peace. ☮

Photo of my main coon. I gave him a terrible hair cut trying to keep him cool. He loves it. Thats what matters, right? ????


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