Teaching art to our youth

It’s a wonderful feeling teaching a subject you feel passionate about to your community. I’m lucky to get to substitute a varity of students and subjects but feel especially lucky when it comes to teaching art education. I recently got my Art Education certification and when I get to work with students in this field, am always thrilled. It’s exciting to show new techniques, how to incorporate ideas they care about and teach them patience and how to express themselves emotionally. Just like one of my favorite teachers taught me and many of us. I’m thinking of Fred Rodgers and how he aimed at just this mentality with his work with children of all ages. I hope more people are inspired by his beautiful example in all subjects and at all levels of learning. I’m sharing some of the art we created. This is based on zentangle and polar bears. Zen is a type of meditating and the tangle is created with different lines and patterns. Maybe you’d like to try it your self? If so, let me see in the comments. Basically, you’ll draw a polar bear on white paper, flip it over and glue down onto a sheet of blue construction paper. Add patterns to your bear and give them an environment to live in. Maybe some snowflakes are falling? Or an iceberg to sit on. You could research the polar bear. When I talked to the children, we brainstormed ways polar bears lived and what animals lived in the arctic. Maybe think of ways to help make the ocean cleaner for our animal friends. We can all do this art form and it helps us to focus on our planet and how we are all connected. Happy New Year and blessings of health and prosperity to all.


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