Happy Fall!

It finally feels like fall has arrived! The leaves are turning beautiful hues of reds, yellows and browns especially when the sunlight makes them glow. I’ve been reading about people seeing the sights on their travels around Blair county. We’re very lucky to have these scenes. When I lived in L.A., it was quite a different site. Palm trees, warm winds and extended gardening time (still jealous about that) made for a feeling of forgetting there was more than two seasons. This is definitely not the case in Pennsylvania! Here we have all four seasons and maybe a mix of several thrown in. Still, with climate change, its important to think about community and make sure we have emergency bags

in our car and home. This was one of the California rules too…earthquakes will keep you vigilant after all. Here’s a good link for emergency basics. After you’ve got that covered, why not decorate for the fall season? I like these flower arrangements and always find inspiration from The Good Witch.

Last week, we had some family fun at JB Tree Farm viewing pumpkins, corn mazes and admiring the chickens and goats. There was a lot of fall colors and just old school delights in the cool air riding the hay ride. I hope everyone finds some way yo celebrate the changing of the seasons while being safe. Have a great fall.


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