National Art Honor Society at the Altoona Area High School

Casey McKnight and Jordan McCarthy, members of the NAHS, light candles in honor of new members

Being a student art teacher at the Altoona Area High School comes with some perks. One of which is getting to see and work with budding local artists in our area. I was lucky enough to be a part of the induction ceremony for the newest members of the National Art Honor Society. Additionally, I was able to see their pop up art show. It was amazing to see our youths work and interests displayed in the high school. It made me proud of our students, the teachers who put this together and the support of the community and principals. It makes me know that the arts are validated as well as supported in our area. Research has shown how the arts help learners to develop creative problem-solving skills, helps students develop fine motor skills, language skills, social skills as well as decision-making, risk-taking and inventiveness.

What more could you ask for from such an important activity as the arts? Wouldn’t it be amazing if each elementary school had a dedicated art education teacher and art room? I want to see more artists and creators in our area. This really is the way of the future, strengthens our arts programs so that students will be able to explore ideas and concepts. These ideas and concepts branch over to all the subjects from math to English to science and history. When we support art education, we are in fact, supporting our culture and all subjects of education. As a student art teacher and parent, this makes me hopeful for the future of our community.