Pets inundated with cabin fever

It’s been in the single digits every morning and evening for as long as I can remember now. Seems like an eternity but it’s only been a handful of weeks since this deep freeze has encompassed the northeast.

What I do know is that this cold weather is really getting to our pets as much as it is to us.

Chase, our 65 lb Golden/Collie mix doesn’t even want to walk outside in these temps. Hope our 45 lb. mix starts to hold her paws up one at a time after she’s been out for a bit. I keep a close eye on them so I can let them back in as soon as they are done doing their business.

Mabel, our oldest girl, is accustomed to going for a morning walk after breakfast and an evening walk after dinner with her dad to do her business but even she won’t walk in these frigid temps.

The cold is getting the best of everyone. I’ve noticed and have talked to other pet friends who are noticing their pets are getting cabin fever, too. Being cooped up too much without sufficient time outside to run off their pent-up energy.

It’s such a catch twenty-two. We could try booties on their feet and dog sweaters but I don’t see my crew being as accepting of this garb as other dogs.

I’d love to enroll the puppy in a few doggy day care classes a week to help her expend some energy but she still gets so car sick it’s not worth the effort to try and get her there and clean up the huge mess left behind.

We try to play with the dogs in the evening and encourage them to play together but even they’re getting tired of us and of each other.

The house is littered with dog toys but like little kids they seem to have lost interest in many of them.

It’s a tough time of year. We all need a little winter break.

What are some of your cures for cabin fever when it comes to your pets?


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