Shirley, you can’t be retiring?

Shirley Fonda, Fonda's Foundlings, looking for a helping paw at 80

Several year’s ago I met Shirley Fonda of Fonda’s Foundlings. This one-woman crusade has been saving the lives of homeless cats in the Center County region for nearly 20 years, rescuing more than 1,600 over this time.

I just learned that Shirley is going to retire finally at the age of 81 this July.

She is desperately trying to find homes for her remaining cats so that she can disband her rescue and allocate the time she and her husband need to get their lives in order, according to Shirley.

Even when I met Shirley, she was trying to plan her retirement from rescue knowing her age was catching up with her but she was constantly taking in more rescues than she was able to adopt out. She couldn’t say no.

Now, with the assistance of State College PetCo and rescue organizations including Happy Valley Animals in Need, Pets Come First, Mom’s Pet’s and Centre County PAWS, she is trying to find loving homes for the cats that are still in need of forever homes.

Over the year’s she has saved kittens’ lives, turned distrustful, abused cats into loyal companions and helped to bring joy to many cat lovers in the region through adoption.

Shirley has been waging a one-woman war like so many other individuals and rescue groups concerned with the number of stray and abused cats – and lack of funding and resources for spay/neuter programs.

Shirley’s name jumped out at me like a surprised little kitten as soon as I saw her retirement notice. She’s for real this time.

I sure hate to see her stop but at 81, I think she is more than deserving. Hopefully, others will come along to fill her shoes and take on the homeless cat problem in our region or whatever region they are in.

There are many one-man/one women crusades out there working with all their spare time and own resources trying to make a difference in the lives of homeless animals; however, there will only be one Shirley Fonda.

What a wonderful, spirited, caring woman. Be sure to Visit her FB page ‘Fonda’s Foundlings Cat Rescue’ to wish her well and extend a helping hand if you can to help her reach her retirement goal by her July birthday.

If you are interested in possible adoption, you can contact Shirley directly at 814-238-4758 or ssfonda@juno.com. You can also see Shirley and many of her rescues at the State College PetCo, off North Atherton St., Saturdays from 2-8:30pm and Sundays from 2-6pm.


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