Senior Pets Rock!

Milo was our rockin' senior boy

November is Adopt a Senior Pet Month! In my world, every month should be Adopt a Senior Pet Month:

Senior pets are far and away the best companions I’ve ever had. Having adopted/rescued seniors for the past 16 years, I never understood the whole ‘need’ for a puppy, I guess. My rescues come complete with the most amazing personalities, manners, talents, training, patience, and an inherent understanding of me and their new home. They have always been grateful for the simplest things. A good meal, time outside, a warm, comfy bed and love and attention or plenty of quiet time to rest their weary bones.

I love my seniors. I may be one of the biggest advocates for adopting senior pets that you may know. Thanks goodness there are many others out there who appreciate how truly special seniors are and advocate for their adoption as well.

We adopted our senior Golden Retriever, Milo, when he was 14 years and some odd months old. He and his sister were a victim of divorce (where nobody wants… can take… the dog…). While my husband and I couldn’t even fathom giving up a 14-year member of the family, senior Goldens are what I originally started rescuing all those years ago.

Milo was the quintessential Golden. Loving, friendly, gentle, happy. The perfect dog. He was housebroken, never chewed anything he shouldn’t – except when sneaking off to the cat litter… and, listened on command. We didn’t care if he would have come with bad habits but aside from the taste for cat litter, we couldn’t have asked for a better companion.

He moved quite slowly from arthritis when he arrived and I knew we needed to try to get him on Rimadyl or a remedy quickly. His movements were so slow and deliberate and he had such trouble getting up from his bed. I knew he was in pain and needed some relief. It was amazing how quickly the anti-inflammatory worked and what a different dog we soon had romping around.

At the rate he was moving prior to the anti-inflammatory, I know my husband and I thought our old boy might last until Thanksgiving. We tried to entice him to keep on keeping on until turkey day with verbal bribes of tasty treats. (He had no clue what we were saying or doing, but, we believed it worked because, not only did he last until Thanksgiving, we had our stubborn boy with us 2 ½ years. We just lost him last month. Darned old age.

At 16, Milo was moving slower and sleeping a lot more than he did even a year prior, but those extra days with him were so precious to us, we never took even one for granted. We often found him sleeping so soundly that we’d have to check on his breathing! (if he’s wasn’t snoring louder than the TV) and each little scare did send a wave of panic through us, but we are so grateful to our friend and senior dog rescuer, Joe, who brought us all together. (www.sparro.org)

Never underestimate the amazing qualities of an older pet when you are looking for a companion for yourself or your family. They never fail to deliver two-fold the love, compassion and companionship – and, understanding, of your own old creaky bones! <3 Rock on, Milo. Rock on. We miss you, sweet boy.