Pet Lovers, Sharpen Your Crayons!

Laurren Darr introduces new fishy Mandala coloring book

There is nothing quite like opening a new box of crayons. Something about the smell of the melted wax, the glorious unending rainbow of colors from which to choose, being the first one to use a Crayon… (I get carried away just thinking about it!)

Coloring has been a highlight of most everyone’s childhood. Now, adults everywhere can color until our heart’s content thanks to the wave of new coloring books on the market designed just for us; and, for pet lovers, a whole array of books exist! Adulthood, shmalthood, gimme a Crayon!

Especially popular are Mandala designs which according to Wikipedia is “a Sanskrit (circle), a spiritual and ritual symbol in Indian religions, representing the universe. In common use, “mandala” has become a generic term for any diagram, chart or geometric pattern that represents the cosmos metaphysically or symbolically; a microcosm of the universe.”

Basically, it’s the same kind of design you used to make on your Etch-A-Sketch. Remember? The pieces are all fitting together now, aren’t they?

Alas, there is a therapeutic science behind coloring that has been acknowledged for years as a stress-relieving and relaxation technique. The act of coloring helps to calm the mind and even helps people express their feelings when what they’re feeling becomes too difficult to put into words, such as when they’re faced with a serious illness.

Granted, as adults, the lines are much smaller and our eyes a bit more dim than they were in our youth but with every theme under the sun from which to pick, we can relish in the pastime of choosing our colors and shading away!

One favorite line on the market is the Dala coloring book series by Laurren Darr. who just announced the release of her FishDala Coloring book now making quite the splash in the world of colorists.

I had the opportunity to ask Laurren, author and founder of International Association of Pet Fashion Professionals, (petfashionprofessionals.com) about the Dala series and her newest fishy venture:

HDWB: How many different coloring books have you authored?

L: For the “Dala” coloring book series, there are currently 8 books on the market. I’m working on the next one featuring hamsters. My Pug children’s books have also been converted to a coloring book format. And, I have an announcement coming out in the next couple weeks on the Pet Fashion Coloring & Activity Book. So, I think that’s 16 so far.

HDWB: How many feature animals?

L: All of them feature animals in one way or another. I’ve been an animal lover since childhood and can’t think of doing one that doesn’t feature pets or animals… unless, it were for racing since my son races stock cars and hopes to get a NASCAR ride in the next few years.

HDWB: Why fish?

L: When I did the first coloring book last year, PugDala Coloring Book, I had a lot of ‘requests’ from people that asked if I would consider doing this pet or that pet. So, I made a list of those requests and have been working through the list. I’ve also had fish and find them really relaxing to just watch. So, it seemed like a natural fit for a coloring book since coloring is a mindful activity, too.

HDWB: Do you color?

L: Of course! In fact, I’ve been doing some time lapse videos of me coloring the mandala pages and they’ll start going live to the Left Paw Press YouTube channel in December. I think coloring is one of those activities that we do as kids and lose sight of as we get older and feel we have to be an ‘adult.’ I love the movement that’s going on now to promote coloring. It helps us tap into the part of us that let’s us just be ourselves.

HDWB: Why do you think it’s important for adults to color too? What benefits do you think people get from coloring?

L: Coloring has a lot of benefits. Studies have show that it can relieve stress and lower blood pressure. We have a lot of people walking around with those kinds of health issues and if coloring can help, I think it’s a perfect ‘drugless’ way to try to treat these issues. Like I mentioned before, I love the fact that it helps adults like myself tap into that inner child that yearns to be creative and expressive.

HDWB: Any plans for more in the works?

L: Absolutely… before the end of the year, I hope to release HamsterDala Coloring Book and in a couple weeks, we’ll be announcing the release of the Pet Fashion Coloring & Activity Book.

Thanks, Laurren! Move over kiddies, it’s time to sharpen those Crayolas and hit up Amazon for the latest Dala coloring book! Unlike kids, I have a credit card! Meditation time, here I come…


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