More Online Streaming Live Music Relief!

Here is a listing of Pennsylvania live music happenings for the weekend and week of Friday, March 27 through Thursday, April 2.

Due to the ongoing COVID-19/coronavirus situation, all live music venues across the state are not able to host performances at this time. However, some bands and performers are staging online performances on social media from their own homes, studios and other facilities. Below are such situations that have been announced (that I am aware of). Feel free to take in any of these performances, and if a “virtual tip jar” situation is available, please consider tipping these performers, and support them during this time when they cannot earn income playing shows at public venues. Websites for these performers are also listed; please consider purchasing their music digitally or via CD, which is another way to SUPPORT LIVE MUSIC!

FRIDAY 3/27:

Lauren & Joe Dress Up/Down Concert (Facebook, starts 7 p.m.)

(Website: https://www.altoonasmusicscene.com/ams/index.php?title=Lauren_%26_Joe&_Joe_Acoustic=&fbclid=IwAR1YxPxL72swb7yd8Dw3D0PC52LSeGXmFBPoJETjhilFpf83-NaXphztUjY

Norman Nardini Live Stream (Facebook, 7 p.m.)

(Website: www.normannardini.com)

Alex Meixner Band Live Stream Concert (Facebook, 7 p.m.)

(Website: www.alexmeixner.com)

Freddie Nelson Live Stream (Facebook, 8 p.m.)

(Website: http://freddienelson.com)


The Evergreens “Breakfast with the Beatles” (Facebook, starts 11 a.m.)

(Website: www.theevergreensmusic.com)

Bob Helbig presents Beatles Acoustic Set (Facebook, 7 p.m.)

Rik Golden Live (Facebook, starts 8 p.m.)

Donny Burns Duo on State College Live (Facebook, starts 8 p.m.)

Scott Blasey of The Clarks Live Performance/Q&A (Facebook, starts 8 p.m.)

(Website: www.scottblasey.com)

Ryan Krinjeck Live Acoustic Session (Facebook, starts 8 p.m.)

(Website: www.shadesofjune.com)

SUNDAY 3/29:

Clinton Clegg (The Commonheart) presents “Cleggs n’Eggs Revival Brunch” (Facebook, 12 noon)

(Website: www.thecommonheart.com)

Ed Varner: Facebook Live from the Short Bus (Facebook, starts 2:30 p.m.)

The Hillbilly Gypsies “QuaranTour” Live Stream (Facebook, starts 5:30 p.m.)

(Website: www.thehillbillygypsies.com)

Joe Trojcak Live Piano Facebook Broadcast (Facebook, starts 7 p.m.)

(Website: www.progressivestudios.com)

Blind Choice Live on Facebook (Facebook, starts 7:30 p.m.)

(Website: www.blindchoiceband.com


Bill Toms Live Streaming Concert (Facebook, starts 8 p.m.)

(Website: www.billtoms.com)


Chad Patterson Live Concert on Facebook (Facebook, starts 6 p.m.)

Fiddlin’ Ray Live from Greensboro (Ray Bruckman of the Jakob’s Ferry Stragglers) (Facebook, starts 8 p.m.)

(Website: www.fiddlinray.com)


Callie Tomblin live on Facebook and Instagram (Facebook, Instagram – starts 6 p.m.)

(Website: www.callietomblin.com)

Mycenea Worley presents “Mycenea Live from the Lockdown Lounge” (starts 7 p.m.)

(NOTE: More shows may be added to this list as information becomes available. Feel free to check back.)

To report additional shows or corrections to this listing, email information to jptheprofessor@gmail.com. Deadline to submit information for the initial posting is each Friday morning at 9 a.m.


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