Address postal service


Talk for months about how inefficiency and lax security in the U.S. Postal Service may affect the upcoming presidential election has had an unfortunate side-effect: It has distracted attention from the agency’s very real, deeply rooted dilemma. Any private company suffering as badly as the ...

Trump focused on low-middle incomes

Letters to the Editor

Political fog obscures the economic accomplishments of the Trump administration. Consider the positive impact of the following on low-middle income families. Illegal immigration increases low-skill labor supply and decreases the market clearing wage — as illegals fill available jobs. ...

Politics don’t decide ticket to heaven

Letters to the Editor

With no disrespect to the person who placed the one-page political ad citing scripture, my question is, “When, in America, did one’s political beliefs become a determinant of their spirituality or ability to enter the gates of heaven?” As Americans — the beautiful kaleidoscope of ...

Follow mail-in directions closely

Letters to the Editor

I just want to remind people who vote by mail to make sure you read all directions. Use both envelopes that come with your ballot. First, put your ballot in the privacy envelope and then into the mailing envelope. If you don’t use both envelopes and don’t follow directions, your vote ...

System failed Taylor


Breonna Taylor’s family is right: The system failed her. She should be alive today, but she is not. It is too late to save Taylor, who died in a hail of bullets from three police officers in Louisville, Kentucky, one night in March. It is not too late for law enforcement officials ...

Hypocrisy seems to follow Trump

Letters to the Editor

I am perplexed by the fawning over Donald Trump by those who identify with the evangelical Christian community. Should Christians give their support to misogyny? Should they support someone who claims not to have had to ask God’s forgiveness for anything? Should a Christian support a ...