Electoral college vs. popular vote

Letters to the Editor

I don’t understand and find it disturbing those people who only support using popular voting method opposed to electoral college method. By using popular vote method, two — maybe three states (New York/California/Illinois) — could and would most likely elect the president strictly due ...

AG race is vital to Pennsylvania

Letters to the Editor

Heather Heidelbaugh is an accomplished attorney that will serve our commonwealth well as attorney general. Shouldn’t the attorney general be a lawyer who’s actually practiced law? This race is vital to our commonwealth’s future. Heidelbaugh reveres our constitution, our civil and ...

With election looming, think it all through


Baby boomers — and perhaps their children — probably can recall when it was not uncommon for their elementary school teachers to recommend “put on your thinking cap” when they were about to begin a test or embark on some subject matter. In this age of computers, that particular bit of ...

We’re in desperate need of term limits

Letters to the Editor

This election season I have followed with interest and amusement the highly polarized, emotionally charged letters to the editor. I am a registered Independent voter with no affinity for either major political party. In fact, I say, “A pox on both their houses!” Apologists on each ...

Trump ‘not suited’ to lead country

Letters to the Editor

Let’s make America great again. Dump Trump during the upcoming election. His presidency has been a disaster. It will take years to undo the damage. Pennsylvania is a battleground state. Its voters must help get rid of grossly incompetent President Donald Trump, so the state and nation ...

Recreational pot is a proven hazard

Letters to the Editor

For decades, the medical profession has preached, “Smoking is hazardous to your health.” I’d like to know why they aren’t speaking out about the hazards of recreational marijuana, outside of the financial end of it. It’s already been proven auto accidents have gone up in states ...