Reinforce importance of masks, sanitizing

Letters to the Editor

As everyone is aware, there has been a surge in COVID-19 cases in this area. Everywhere we go we are reminded to wear masks. However, I see or hear very few reminders to wash hands and use sanitizers. Most places have sanitizer available, but I notice very few people using it. Some stores ...

Approve COVID-19 package


A bipartisan coalition of U.S. senators and representatives is pushing for enactment of a new COVID-19 relief bill, priced at about $900 billion. Both Democrats and Republicans involved in the effort say that in the spirit of compromise, some provisions they wanted were left out of the ...

State provides insurance option


One thing we’ve all learned in 2020 is that good health is everything. The COVID-19 pandemic has demonstrated that it’s more important than ever to have access to the insurance you need to live a healthy life. That’s why we’re happy to introduce Pennie, Pennsylvania’s new health ...

Losing faith in our state and country

Letters to the Editor

I love my country, the United States of America. Some of my ancestors were here before the Pilgrims, and some were on the Mayflower. The idea of freedom and liberty runs deep in my soul. I have always been proud of my country and the bravery of our forefathers, who founded and ...

True Catholics don’t support Biden, VP

Letters to the Editor

In response to the article in the Nov. 20 of the Mirror concerning the Catholics’ response to Biden’s stance on abortion, seriously? Every Catholic who didn’t know this prior to the election must live under a rock or in a cave. Have any of them learned the Ten Commandments? This ...

In peace at church, praying for answers

Letters to the Editor

As I sit in church, my mind sometimes wonders. I look around at the patrons with their masks covering their faces and begin to wonder what each of them are silently praying about. I see fear and sadness in some eyes along with mine. I wonder if some of the thoughts are of losing freedom ...