Schmitt has earned right to represent

Letters to the Editor

Over the past two years, I’ve greatly appreciated the efforts put in by Lou Schmitt as our state representative. Schmitt spends countless hours advocating for the people of Blair County on his many subcommittees and on the House floor. He will always put the 79th District first, and I ...

Garrity adds up as state treasurer

Letters to the Editor

Stacy Garrity has dedicated her life to service. She served in the U.S. Army, deploying in Operation Desert Storm, Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom. While in the Army reserves, she worked as a cost accountant for a global supplier of refractory powders. She worked up ...

Trump has done share to support military

Letters to the Editor

As a Marine Corps veteran, I would like to say that I am voting to re-elect President Donald Trump for four more years. I can not stand to allow people to denigrate our president for the work he has done to protect our veterans and military. He has passed Veterans Choice, pulled troops out ...

Trump supporting range of vets’ options

Letters to the Editor

In response to Wayne Witherow’s Oct. 5 letter, President Donald Trump signed into law the Mission Act on June 6, 2018, creating the Veterans Community Care Act,which provided a wider range of medical care options for veterans. The Veterans Choice Program terminated on June 7, 2019. ...

President wasn’t entitled to lift music

Letters to the Editor

According to Phyllis Werts’ letter on Oct. 6, some bawl-baby singers were upset that President Donald Trump was using their songs at his rallies. Foregoing the fact that Trump and his campaign didn’t bother getting permission to use the music, which is a trademark infringement. She ...

Violent protests must end


By the end of September 2019, 30 U.S. law enforcement personnel had been killed while on duty. Thirty-seven have been killed this year. Non-fatal injuries have soared, too. It is not being inaccurate to note that many, probably most, police officers, sheriff’s deputies and other law ...