Democrats stand for wrong things

Letters to the Editor

Former things… We were Democrats. My aunt was the first woman elected to Altoona City Council. My grandfathers were veterans, blue collar patriots. What happened? The party of underdogs has aligned itself with anarchists, not ashamed to defund the police. They don’t believe in ...

Decker, Altoona facing challenges

Letters to the Editor

Ken Decker has made a great deal of progress with Altoona’s 2021 budget. One of his biggest hurdles is coming up in 2021. The union contracts negotiations begin, given Altoona has maybe the best police and firefighters and public works in the state. These city departments need to be team ...

Heidelbaugh has strong track record

Letters to the Editor

With all the excitement surrounding this year’s presidential race, we cannot forget the important statewide races we get to vote in. Heather Heidelbaugh, running for attorney general, represents a wonderful candidate. Her decades of experience in the field of law would absolutely benefit ...

Rowley to advocate for public education

Letters to the Editor

With the proposed $6.1 billion in education cuts proposed by the Trump administration and supported by Rep. Joyce combined, with the economic impacts of COVID-19, it is vitally important to elect a candidate for Congress who is dedicated to securing adequate funding for public education. ...

McConnell & Co. committed to power

Letters to the Editor

With the death of Justice Ginsburg, it appears the goal of the billionaire class will be achieved. For 40 years, they have been grooming a justice system under their will. Their goal is to conduct businesses without government oversight. They are adding to their control over wages and ...

Heidelbaugh needed for attorney general

Letters to the Editor

The voters of the commonwealth would miss a huge opportunity on Nov. 3 by not voting for Heather Heidelbaugh. Heidelbaugh worked for decades in the courtroom. Her opponent lacks that. In addition to that, her opponent admitted that he will run for governor in 2022, disservicing the people ...