Cartoon only serves to perpetuate myth

Letters to the Editor

I just had to write to express my dismay regarding your decision to run the editorial cartoon Thursday, Nov. 12 depicting tombstones displaying “I voted” stickers. To perpetuate the myth that voter fraud is a problem in this country is just that — a myth. The Department of Homeland ...

Sun not shining on Zoom meetings

Letters to the Editor

We all remember the anxiety and dread we felt when COVID-19 began entering the news cycle and as lockdowns and restrictions were placed on the county. We obeyed the rules no matter what color the county was. But now that we have been “green” for months and we are still carrying out ...

Atrocious fish abuse at Lakemont Park

Letters to the Editor

Thank you for your coverage of the very admirable efforts to rescue the animals at Lakemont Park. What ended up being done to them was egregiously inhumane, unjustifiable and inexcusable. Fish and other animals in similar situations have been saved. Blair County commissioners were ...

UPMC must listen to its nurses


As Blair County ticks over 2,000 known cases of coronavirus, countless residents are seeking life-saving care at UPMC Altoona. As Registered Nurses, my coworkers and I know what kind of working conditions, staffing and safety protocols are needed to provide quality care for our patients and ...

Innovation brings hope to horizon


For centuries, America has been the land of promise, and we have led the way in lifesaving advancement. In the span of my own medical career alone, I have witnessed remarkable innovation — from groundbreaking discoveries to new therapeutics and even cures for deadly diseases. In 2020, ...

Who won election? We don’t know yet

Letters to the Editor

Strive lawfully. With allegations of tampering, software glitches, lack of transparency and posthumous voting, who is really the winner of our presidential election? With our Electoral College, the winner of the presidential election may not necessarily be the candidate that received the ...