‘Global’ lacked insight, now deserves fate


Republican lawmakers are correct in urging Gov. Tom Wolf to fire the company whose mishandling of coronavirus-related data impacted at least 72,000 people. Beyond the called-for firing, state leaders need to take a long, hard look into the “window” that allowed the company to be hired on ...

Weeks passionate on criminal justice

Letters to the Editor

I am retired from law enforcement and have worked with attorney Pete Weeks for over 17 years. I have found that he is incredibly motivated and passionate about his role in the criminal justice system. He is organized and meticulous when it comes to holding people accountable for their ...

Butterbaugh supports small business owners

Letters to the Editor

I urge Altoona residents to get out and vote May 18. I said for a long time that local elections are our one last firewall against the radical ideas you are seeing happening around the country. Dave Butterbaugh has proven his leadership time and time again. As a business owner of 35 years, ...

Hollidaysburg needs slate for taxpayers

Letters to the Editor

I endorse the conservative “taxpayers’ choice” slate of candidates for Hollidaysburg Area School Board — Jennifer Costanza, Carmen Bilek, Richard Latker and Jonathan Grier. These candidates are of good character and will bring a diverse range of professional and personal experience to ...

Radar would better protect citizens


On Tuesday, April 20, the Mirror published a letter from an individual representing the PA Advocate National Motorists Association requesting Pennsylvania citizens contact their local state representatives and request they vote “no” on House Bill 606, which would allow local municipal ...

Amendments should be seen as absolute

Letters to the Editor

President Joe Biden has several times recently made the statement that no amendments to the constitution are absolute. Which, of course, also implies that none of the constitution is absolute. I think many Democrats believe that but we must consider what amendments to the constitution ...