Americans can’t be pawns in relief effort

Letters to the Editor

President Donald Trump has effectively fooled the media into thinking he actually sides with Democrats on $2,000 stimulus checks. Make no mistake, his theatrics are only granting David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler the opportunity to say they support larger checks for the American people when not ...

Joyce, Trump must accept election defeat

Letters to the Editor

From Rep. John Joyce’s article: U.S. democracy must be protected,” I quote the first paragraph: “For nearly 250 years, free and fair elections have been a hallmark of American democracy.” That might have been a good place for him to stop writing. It is precisely the kicking ...

Too often, God’s name is taken in vain

Letters to the Editor

Countless times, in any given day, it pains my heart to hear God’s name taken in vain. It has become part of our popular lexicon to carelessly use, as an exclamation, “Oh my ——,” without any thought whatsoever. Have we forgotten the second commandment — “Thou shalt not take ...

Americans deserve $2K without delay

Other Commentaries

It’s shameful that Republicans in the U.S. Senate have slowed to a tortoise-like pace when it comes to providing $2,000 COVID-19 relief checks to Americans, many of whom need help for the first — and perhaps only — time since they’ve been paying federal taxes. While Democrats, along ...

Congress gridlock must end


For months, Americans’ pleas for Congress to give us more financial help in coping with COVID-19 fell on political ears — much worse than merely deaf ones — in Washington. Exactly why lawmakers took so long to agree on a second CARES Act is open to debate. Republican loyalists believe ...

It’s time for Joyce to accept election

Letters to the Editor

In his Dec 29 commentary in the Mirror, Rep. John Joyce suggested that President Donald Trump should be given “his day in court.” The president and Republicans have had many days in court. They filed cases in Arizona, D.C., Georgia, Minnesota, Michigan, New Mexico, Nevada, Pennsylvania, ...