Students fill streets in education march

BOGOTA — Thousands of students have disrupted life in Colombia’s capital amid nationwide demonstrations called to press demands for President Ivan Duque to increase education spending. By early evening, police in Bogota used tear gas to disperse marchers trying to reach wealthier neighborhoods.

Student enrollment in the South American nation’s public universities has quadrupled since the early 1990s, while spending has only marginally increased.


Conditions unfit for Rohingyas’ return

The International Committee of the Red Cross said conditions are not right for Rohingya Muslim refugees to return safely to Myanmar from Bangladesh, where over 700,000 have sought refuge since August 2017 following a military crackdown.

Robert Mardini, the organization’s U.N. observer, told reporters Wednesday that the conflict between the Rohingya and Myanmar’s government is not resolved and added that there is no place to go back to because “so many villages” are flattened in Myanmar’s Rakhine state, where the Rohingya live.


Video reveals hotels’ cleaning practices

BEIJING — At least four major international hotel chains have apologized after a hidden camera video of their room cleaning practices in China was posted online.

The 11-minute video shows cleaners wiping cups and sinks with dirty towels and sponges. Some use the same towel to wipe the toilet seat.