World briefs


Venezuela launches airlift for migrants

LIMA — Some 300 Venezuelans have gathered outside of their country’s embassy shouting “We want to leave!” after President Nicolas Maduro offered to airlift migrants seeking to return home.

The government’s unveiling of the “Return to the Homeland Plan” came as regional diplomats prepare to meet today in Washington at a special session of the Organization of States to discuss Venezuela’s migration crisis.


Police investigate armed group

LJUBLJANA — Slovenian police said they have launched an investigation after video footage and photos appeared on social media of a group of armed, masked men led by a right-wing former presidential candidate.

Interior Minister Vesna Gyorkos Znidar said Tuesday authorities will not tolerate the existence of any parallel armed groups in Slovenia.


Investigator barred from re-entry

GUATEMALA CITY — The head of a U.N.-backed commission probing corruption in Guatemala was barred from re-entering the country Tuesday, further defanging the investigative body days after President Jimmy Morales announced he would not renew its mandate.

In a statement, the government said Morales had communicated the decision to the U.N. secretary-general and asked him to name a replacement for Ivan Velasquez.