World briefs


Saudi-led coalition regrets errors in attack

SANAA — A Saudi-led coalition fighting Yemen’s Shiite rebels expressed on Sat­ur­day its regret and pledged to hold to account those responsible for “mistakes” in a deadly airstrike last month that killed dozens, including children.

The coalition’s statement comes after its investigative body found that an August airstrike conducted in the northern Saada province hitting a bus carrying children in a busy market involved “mistakes,” including failing to take measures to minimize collateral damage. At least 51 people, including 40 children, were killed.


City tells police to ignore most sex in public

GUADALAJARA — It’s now less risky to get frisky — in public — in Guadalajara.

Mexico’s second-largest city has made it harder to police sexual activity in places like parks, alleys, entertainment venues and cars by ordering cops to look the other way most of the time.

Proponents said the change protects the publicly amorous from being shaken down by bribe-hungry officers, a common practice, while critics worry that it could encourage lewd acts in full view of people just going about their day.