Nation briefs


Nearly 400 used assisted death law

SACRAMENTO — California health officials reported Friday that 374 terminally ill people took drugs to end their lives last year, the first full year after a law made the option legal.

The California Department of Public Health said 577 people received aid-in-dying drugs in 2017, but not everyone used them. The law allows adults to obtain a prescription for life-ending drugs if a doctor has determined that they have six months or less to live. They can self-administer the drugs.

District of Columbia

Bill expands opioid abuse treatment

WASHINGTON — The House has overwhelmingly approved legislation designed to give health care providers more tools to stem an opioid crisis that is killing more than 115 people in the United States daily.

The legislation passed Friday by a vote of 396-14. It incorporates dozens of opioid-related bills that lawmakers have made a campaign-season priority.


Derailment sends oil into floodwaters

DOON — A freight train derailed in northwest Iowa on Friday, leaking crude oil from into flooded fields flanking the tracks and raising concerns about the possible contamination of residential water supplies downstream, officials said.

BNSF railroad officials said no one was injured when 33 oil tanker cars from Alberta, Canada, derailed about 4:30 a.m. Friday. Some of the tankers were compromised, causing the oil to leak into floodwaters and the rain-swollen Little Rock River.