Looking for local art lessons? Local artist Kris Tina Reiter has started an art camp

This summer Kris Tina Reiter is offering Saturday Art/Music Camp for kids, ages 6 to 16. The day, 1 to 6:30, will include 2 hours of Art lesson and exploration…we will do animals, nature, abstract and cartoon. Supplies, paints, markers, etc. provided, 1 1/2 hours of music: voice ensemble and instrument. Also included in the day – swimming and pizza and snack. Kris has 3 years teaching experience, a lifetime of art and music experience and years of childcare experience.. Contact her if you are interested. 1st camp is June 23rd.. $30 per child. 6 children per camp, individualized instruction,co-taught and monitored by Joycella (age 16)…my email: kristpreiter@gmail.com.