NKorea fires another missile over Japan

SEOUL — South Korea’s military said North Korea fired an unidentified missile today from its capital Pyongyang that flew over Japan before landing in the northern Pacific Ocean.

It was the second aggressive test-flight over the territory of the close U.S. ally in less than a month and it followed the sixth and most powerful nuclear test by North Korea to date on Sept. 3.

South Korea’s Joint Chiefs of Staff said the missile traveled about 2,300 miles while reaching a maximum height of 478 miles. The missile was launched from Sunan, the site of Pyongyang’s international airport.


Catalans campaign for independence

TARRAGONA — Political tension in Spain mounted Thursday as Catalonia’s president opened the “yes” campaign for a regional independence referendum that has been suspended by the courts.

Spain’s central government insists the referendum is illegal and the Constitutional Court has suspended it pending a formal decision by judges. Police have orders to prevent preparations for the ballot.