District of Columbia

House GOP stalls Iran, Russia sanctions

WASHINGTON — House Republicans are stalling a hugely popular bill to slap Iran and Russia with economic sanctions over a procedural issue they’re blaming the Senate for creating.

Speaking to reporters Wednesday, Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy says “the problem is the Senate screwed up.”

At issue is a constitutional requirement that legislation involving revenue originate in the House.

The sanctions bill was crafted by the Senate, which passed the measure overwhelmingly last week and then sent it to the House for action.

McCarthy says the Senate can repair the bill or the House can write its own sanctions legislation. He didn’t provide a timetable for either pathway.


Judge blocks merger of disposal companies

DOVER — A federal judge in Delaware has blocked a Utah-based nuclear waste disposal company from buying a Texas-based competitor.

The judge on Wednesday ruled in favor of the U.S. Justice Department in an antitrust lawsuit aimed at blocking Salt Lake City-based EnergySolutions’ planned $367 million acquisition of rival Waste Control Specialists, based in Dallas.

The Justice Department filed suit in November, claiming that the proposed acquisition would combine the only two licensed commercial low-level radioactive waste disposal facilities for 36 states, Puerto Rico and the District of Columbia.

The government argued that the proposed acquisition would lead to higher prices, lower quality service, and less innovation in the industry.